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Crisp's solutions take care of moderating and managing User Generated Content, enabling you to focus on delivering a world-class social experience.

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Crisp provides 24/7 moderation across all of your social media channels. Removing spam, offensive and unsuitable content. Alerting you to a potential PR crisis and delivering accurate sentiment analysis.

Crisp offers the highest level of brand protection, letting you focus on delivering a world-class social experience.

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Currently protecting 180 million users

We work with some amazing companies. Here are just a few:

Sony Abercrombie and Fitch Prada British Airways Turner Moshi Monsters Ubisoft Red Bull Chanel Electronic Arts Pottermore In N Out Burger Sony Online Entertainment Nickelodeon

Over 3 billion messages, tweets and comments moderated monthly


Crisp provides a rich set of tools and technologies to moderate and analyse the context of User Generated Content such as posts, comments, images and videos.

Advanced workflows automatically delete, route and escalate content based on context while a lightning fast user interface allows moderators to quickly review high volumes of content.

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More Features

Content Moderation

The rules engine allows managers and moderators to craft intelligent rules to match content.

Moderate your content quickly and easily.


Track the behavior of your users and identify the rogue & bad elements with our user profiling engine.

Keep your system clean of spammers and cheats.

Automation & Workflows

Categorize your content into queues automatically or manually using our Content Workflow Engine.

Never let a customer service enquiry slip through the net.

Reporting & Analytics

Receive regular reports breaking down the details and stats in an easy to understand format

A suite of tools to monitor all aspects of moderation.

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User perceptions of a brand associated with inappropriate content...

  • 77% would refuse to share the post
  • 63% would unlike the brand
  • 44% would never comment again
  • 39% would never buy again

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