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When it comes to safety, we don't believe in compromise

That's why we deliver more complete brand and consumer risk protection than you ever thought possible. Social monitoring and moderation services that are:

Complete and always on

24/7. We NEVER go home.

Blazingly fast

Notification within 15 minutes or less. 15 minutes!


The lowest false-positive rate in the industry.


Over 100 countries in more than 50 languages.


You'll be shocked. In a good way.

What We Do

How we do it

Our advanced technology collects all content from social channels, discussion forums and news sites in real-time.

Social media

Technology combined with human expertise

Proprietary technology prioritizes potential high risks.

Our human moderation team then categorize all your content into generic and custom categories for your business.


For example

Social media moderation process Social media moderation process

Case Studies

The Crisp 15 minute guarantee

Our 24/7 service is so comprehensive and unfailing it comes with the only excuse-free guarantee in the industry: We find, flag and eliminate any inappropriate content or call you within 15 minutes or less. Period.

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Scrupulous brands demand ironclad protection

Crisp clients never compromise their brand reputation. Ever.