Bad Actor Detection

Because even just one online predator or terrorist is too many...

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Creeps, trolls, and online groomers don’t stand a chance against our airtight, 24/7 chat moderation tools and services

Lock the scum of the universe out. Unlike simple filtering tools, our unmatched profiling service finds and eliminates bad actors like online predators and groomers by pairing expert human analysis with always-on, 24/7 technology.

Crisp's industry leadership in risk detection reaches back to our roots in the gaming industry, where a zero tolerance policy for bad actors like online groomers or predators is an absolute requirement. This deep subject matter expertise in risk elimination is why our chat moderation service is the number one choice of premium brands today, including messaging apps, games, and online dating services.

How do we do it? We start with analytics developed by expert, risk-based data scientists. It turns out that groomers, pedophiles and bullies can be profiled quite accurately and our scientists know just how to do it. So we apply those profiles to our software to identify risk behaviors more efficiently. Then we add trained, human analysis to our powerful profiling tools to identify and capture all the bad actors including online predators and terrorism groomers – while still delivering the lowest false positive rate in the industry.

Once we identify users and community members that threaten others, we either eliminate them or forward the details to you, or both, depending on parameters you set. With Crisp on guard, the creeps don't stand a chance.

Finally, thanks to our powerful technology we are able to deliver this complete, fast, and accurate detection at a surprisingly affordable price. Crisp moderation has everything you need because it's impenetrable, scalable and affordable. No matter how big and fast you want to grow, our profiling service ensures that your users get the safe and satisfying online experience you intend.

Use it for

  • Chat moderation in messaging apps
  • Moderation for gaming apps and massive communities
  • Online dating moderation
  • Detect and eliminate online groomers, predators and cyber-bullies
  • Detect and report terrorists

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  • Meticulous, accurate chat moderation technology that is always on, 24/7
  • Notification about and elimination of bad actors based on criteria you designate
  • An excuse-free guarantee of unfailing round-the-clock coverage and timely removal of threats
  • Real-time search, dashboards and audit reporting
  • Filtering tools that detect and eradicate bad actors including online groomers and predators


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