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What does it take to be a Social Risk Defender?

Creativity: Because we create the kinds of new technology and services that our competitors look at and say, "How'd they think of that?"
Commitment: Because we defend against online bullies, predators and terrorists, so you can be sure we're unfailing in our mission.
Teamwork: Because delivering the best Social Risk Defense needs more than the individual.
Pride: Because we work with some of the biggest global brands and we do a great job for them.
Ambition: Because facing new challenges every day means we offer you a career, not just a job.

Why I work for Crisp


Chris Core
Software Test Manager

I've been with Crisp for three 1/2 years now and what attracted me to work here was the potential for autonomy, friendly atmosphere and good work ethic. It's great working here because the people are all experts in what they do and a fairly flat structure means ideas can come from any level of the business.


Marketing Executive

Working in marketing for a company that's on the forefront of social media is pretty cool. I really enjoy working in a close-knit team of people who have an interest in seeing you grow within the company. Everyone has so much commitment to the company goal - the nature of the work combined with the great atmosphere make coming to work feel like hanging out with friends. 


Manager of Professional Services and Onboarding

I love that Crisp gives everyone the opportunity of having an opinion and the chance to make a difference in their area, the friendly atmosphere in the office is great and I enjoy that a new challenge is always around the corner.

I get to work and meet up with my team to review pending task and priorities, make sure we all know what we are doing and trying to achieve. Once we are all set we move on to get those tasks done. I will normally be in touch with language specialists that work remotely helping us create linguistic rules, I have to make sure that they have clear instructions of the type of rule we need. I also give them support in finding better ways to ensure the quality of our rules.

We're always on the look out for talented developers, content moderators, language specialists, designers, system admin, statisticians, sales people and marketers

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