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The financial industry has one of the lowest tolerances for social risk around, and with good reason: trust is their most important currency. This means that even one hacker, piece of spam, or inappropriate content on their channels has the potential to become a brand and PR nightmare. And that's just the beginning. Strict government regulations make protecting the financial industry one of the toughest challenges out there. Good thing Crisp was built for challenge.

So when a major financial firm came to us for help, we knew we could deliver the kind of 24/7 social risk defense they needed in every single channel.

Why they needed Crisp

  • The marketing team wanted to use more social media platforms, but needed to maintain absolutely pristine content in every channel in order to retain brand trust.
  • Industry regulations meant that even innocent mistakes could result in severe fines.
  • They had been previously burned when a scandal hit their brand ambassador, a sports personality, and they found out too late to minimize brand damage.
  • Their social team was struggling to track down and delete phishing attacks in time to avoid customer fraud.
  • The risk and compliance team would only approve use of social media if the marketing team could guarantee perfect visibility into all activity on every channel in every region.
  • They needed to be able to query historic social content for legal issues.

Real world results

  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring and moderation: With Crisp on guard, they now have ironclad 24/7 monitoring and moderation of all their social channels. There are no "gaps" in coverage, not even on nights, holidays or weekends.
  • 24/7 Brand monitoring: Crisp now monitor Twitter, newsites and other sites for mentions of their current brand ambassador so they can act quickly if another scandal breaks.
  • Phishing protection: Any phishing attacks (using bogus links or fake handle to try to dupe consumers) are caught and deleted in 15 minutes or less.
  • Complete control and two-way visibility: Crisp is working with the client to monitor outbound social posts too, which means every post FROM the company is also strictly guarded for mistakes or attacks. The compliance team has complete assurance that every message from the company is monitored so there are no surprises.
  • Strict management of content discourages criminal activity, resulting in decreased volume of risk over time.

What Crisp deployed

  • Every single post is checked by both our powerful technology and trained human analysts
  • Every risk the client wants monitored social channel is covered 24/7.
  • Moderation services in more than 14 languages.
  • Crisp's social media risk reports are presented to the company's risk and regulatory committee every quarter.


  • The marketing team is able to use social media to drive business objectives without fear of losing critical brand trust.
  • The social channels have become an important asset to the company's marketing mix, delivering a positive brand interaction with consumers, while also providing data insights the company would otherwise not have.
  • The company is developing a reputation as a social media leader, thanks to the ability to use social without fear of risk.

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