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Brands that hold their reputation to the highest standard use Crisp's 24/7 service to guarantee ironclad, round-the-clock coverage of their online channels 365 days a year.

We can't name our luxury clients publicly in our case studies, but here's how one heritage luxury brand is using Crisp's service for social media monitoring and moderation.

Why they needed Crisp

An ad hoc combination of moderation by internal teams and monitoring help from a PR agency left wide gaps in online monitoring coverage. As a result:

  • The brand was left completely vulnerable to a host of online threats for hours at a time especially nights, holidays and weekends.
  • Inappropriate user-generated content often remained on their page for an unacceptable length of time.
  • Moderation couldn't be scaled when comment volumes spiked, leaving the brand exposed to user-generated content risks as well as poor customer service.
  • The existing infrastructure failed to cover a number of languages in their global markets.

Real-world results

  • Counterfeit Goods: Counterfeiters were hijacking the brand's marketing budget by using posts to promote their own fake goods, stealing customers and ruining fan sentiment with spam. Crisp now identifies and eliminates these posts within minutes.
  • Brand Attacks: The brand was trying to cope with a virtual bombardment of its online social networks from animal activists, with attackers posting a barrage of comments on multiple accounts at the same time. Crisp's service now identifies such attacks instantly, helping the brand monitor activity and removing gory content when required.
  • Social Media Crisis: With 24/7 365 coverage, the brand no longer has gaps in online monitoring. If a social media crisis arises, Crisp informs the designated team and gets the right communications out fast.
  • High Profile Interactions: Crisp's service uses human intelligence, so it instantly alerts the company to important issues that need addressing, such as criticism from a celebrity, without wasting time by alerting them to needless issues.
  • Threats to staff, CEO and customers: Self harm, threatening behavior and even threats to life are all examples that have happened and are now addressed within minutes, before they get out of control.

The Crisp service they use

  • Every comment on their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels is checked by both our powerful technology and trained human analysts and removed or escalated if necessary.
  • Every brand mention on Twitter and the wider social web is reviewed and escalated under guidelines set by the brand.
  • Moderation and monitoring is now in 55 languages.
  • Social media risk reports are presented to the company's risk and regulatory committee every quarter.


  • The PR team is now confident they will find out about issues that arise on social much earlier, so they are prepared when journalists pick up the story.
  • Counterfeit spam will not remain on brand pages for longer than 15 minutes, diverting revenue.
  • Offensive content will be removed before it can hurt engagement.
  • The team can handle brand attacks from animal activists with more control and confidence they understand the situation.

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