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When it comes to social risk, strict government regulations have made protecting the pharmaceutical industry one of the toughest challenges out there. Good thing we thrive on challenge.

So when a major pharmaceutical company with a global top 5 prescription drug brand came to us for help, we jumped at the chance to cover them 24/7 in every single channel.

Why they needed Crisp

  • The marketing team wanted to use social media platforms, but knew they couldn't afford to miss even a single adverse event report in their channels. In order to focus on the real work of marketing, customer service and engagement, they needed a foolproof moderation service.
  • Catching adverse event reports was not enough; the key was finding them fast enough to take action and forward the data to the FDA within the required 24 hour time frame.
  • In addition to adverse events, the team needed to protect against the unexpected including brand attacks, counterfeiters, spam and more.
  • The risk and compliance team would only approve use of social media if the marketing team could guarantee perfect visibility into all activity on every one of their owned channels.
  • They wanted a brand protection partner with experience in pharma and regulated industries.
  • They needed to store, search and analyze historic social content to ensure compliance.

Real world results

  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring and moderation: With Crisp on guard, every post and comment on their Facebook and YouTube page is being rigorously checked, and any adverse event reports are caught within minutes. Every report is being handled comfortably within the regulatory time frame.
  • Defense against brand attacks: Recently the brand experienced an attack in the form of negative and defamatory posts from animal activists at 6:00am on Sunday morning. Our expert team caught it and alerted the client, so they were able to take swift action and put out a potential fire before it could even get started.
  • Instant counterfeiter removal: A counterfeiter posted a link to fake goods right on the company Facebook page. Based on client instructions, Crisp removed the post within three minutes. This 24/7 counterfeiter protection is never "off line."

What Crisp deployed

  • Every single post is checked by both our powerful technology and trained human analysts.
  • Every social channel is covered 24/7 with guarantees to escalate issues in minutes.
  • Crisp's social media risk reports are presented to the company's risk and regulatory committee every quarter.


  • The marketing team is able to use social media to drive business objectives without fear of undue risk – even in an industry notorious for social risk.
  • The social channels have become an important asset to the company’s marketing mix, delivering a positive brand interaction with consumers, while also providing data insights the company would otherwise not have.

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