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Brands that hold to the highest standard use Crisp's 24/7 service to guarantee ironclad, round-the-clock coverage of their online channels 365 days a year.

Our activewear brand clients are so brand-conscious we can't name them publicly in our case studies, but here's how one global brand (with billions of dollars in revenue and millions in team and elite athlete sponsorships) is using Crisp's service.

Why they needed Crisp

The brand was spending a fortune on a 24/7 moderation team, and still things they wanted to catch on their online channels were slipping through the cracks. The social team came to us and asked for help with the following:

  • Help us feel absolutely confident we will catch any online activity related to our sponsored athletes. If something goes awry, we want to know and we want to know right away.
  • Make sure we catch every single piece of inappropriate user-generated content. We can't afford for even one item to go undetected.
  • When a big sports event happens and comment volumes and online activity spike, scale our coverage so we still have 100% protection.
  • Make sure we know about any issue related to our brand, before the media does.

Real world results

  • Sponsored athletes coverage: All online activity by and about the athletes they sponsor is monitored by the Crisp team 24/7 365 days a year. If an athlete does or says or gets caught up in anything that could reflect negatively on the brand, they know about it first.
  • Counterfeit Goods: Links to fake goods or non-licensed fan gear can cost millions of dollars in revenue. Crisp now identifies and deletes these posts within minutes.
  • Volume spikes: During major sporting events the brand was coping with massive spikes in mentions, comments and overall activity. Crisp's service scales automatically, delivering peace of mind to the social team.
  • Hate Speech: Offensive comments about sponsored athletes were sometimes posted on their Facebook pages and YouTube channels, now these are removed in minutes.
  • Social Media Crisis: With 24/7 365 coverage, the brand no longer has gaps in online monitoring. If a social media crisis arises, Crisp informs the designated team and gets the right communications out fast.

The Crisp service they use

  • Every mention of their sponsored athletes is monitored across Twitter and the social web by the Crisp team, and a manager telephones the PR team as soon as an issue arises.
  • Comments on their Facebook page and every YouTube channel are individually monitored and any counterfeit spam or hate speech, in any language, is removed in minutes.
  • Moderation and monitoring is now in 55 languages.


  • Their moderation costs have halved despite receiving full 24/7 service.
  • The PR team now hears about issues with their sponsored athletes much earlier, so they are prepared when journalists pick up the story.
  • Counterfeit spam does not remain on brand pages for longer than 15 minutes reducing the risk of revenue-loss and brand damage.
  • Hate speech is removed before it can hurt engagement.
  • Large events are no longer a time of tension for the social team, they have confidence the Crisp team has checked every comment so they can focus on engagement.

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