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Our COPPA compliant kids' chat filtering and moderation works 24/7 to find and eradicate even the stealthiest bad guys

Nothing is tougher – or more important – than protecting kids. Crisp's kids' chat moderation service is the industry leader because we don't believe in excuses – we believe in results. Our absolutely foolproof filtering is better than ordinary moderation tools. That's because our service pairs expert human analysis with always-on, 24/7 technology to catch every possible risk and then confirm accuracy with double-layers of review.

So when you want to lock the scum of the universe out, Crisp delivers. Our unmatched, COPPA compliant chat moderation service will find and eliminate any bad actors that try to use your game or service. Whether you're concerned about online predators or even terrorist groomers, we have years of experience sniffing these guys out. None stand a chance against the kind of protection Crisp is built to provide.

How do we do it? Our data scientists and moderation experts worked with world-class psychologists to develop our filtering tools. It turns out the bad guys unconsciously use certain patterns, and once you know them you can create technologies that scan for them. So we start with proprietary technology that analyzes the language, tone and style of every single chat– profiling every conversation for red flags.

Then we add human genius to the scalpel-like precision of our chat moderation software. It is this combination of powerful filtering tools with trained, human analysis that makes Crisp the industry leader in kids chat moderation. Only our combination of both technology and human genius can deliver the speed, accuracy and power required of a chat moderation tool for protecting kids. And we do it all with the lowest false-positive rate in the industry. Read more about our expert profiling in our Bad Actor Detection service.

Crisp's roots are in the gaming industry so we've been building best-in-class filtering tools and solutions to protect kids since before COPPA even existed. Our deep subject matter expertise in bad actor risk elimination is why our chat moderation tool is now the industry leader. And it's why Crisp is chosen again and again by the world's premium kid-friendly brands and services.

So when you need to protect kids with COPPA compliant chat moderation that is accurate, scalable and affordable call us first. No matter how fast you grow, our unfailing, data-based, analytical solution will continue to find and eliminate risk - and keep the kids you serve safe.

Use it for

  • Chat moderation for kids's brands and services
  • COPPA compliant chat filtering
  • Chat and profanity filtering
  • Online groomer and predator detection
  • Chat moderation in messaging apps
  • Chat filtering and moderation in gaming apps

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  • Meticulous, accurate chat moderation technology that is always on, 24/7
  • Notification of bullies, pedophiles, trolls, sexual content, self-harm, profanity and other red flags
  • An excuse-free guarantee of unfailing round-the-clock coverage and timely removal of threats
  • Ten years' experience in kids protection online


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