First to detect harmful social content

Crisp combines complex Artificial Intelligence with expert human analysts to rapidly detect the critical risks that seriously impact businesses and brands, alerting key stakeholders first, without false alarm, empowering them to react fast to prevent a crisis

Crisis Monitoring


Crisp provides rapid detection of critical issues and emerging brand crises, enabling our clients to limit, or even prevent, brand damage.

Community Management


Crisp’s risk-aware community management services provide 24/7 real-time moderation and customer engagement on a brand’s owned social media channels and social ads all in over 50 languages.

80% of brands have had to activate their crisis management plans in the last 2 years

Crises are inevitable and can occur at any time. A well handled crisis can increase a company’s market capitalization by 20% - a poorly handled one can result in a 30% drop.

Crisp currently protects over $3.2trillion of our customers’ market capitalization.

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