Actor risk intelligence

Crisp protects the world from online exploitation, lies, threats, abuse and hate.

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Our approach

Our Actor Intelligence Graph has redefined the way companies identify and mitigate risks.

Case studies

Crisp gives an early-warning advantage to more than 100 global customers. From brand reputation to public safety and compliance efforts. Here are some of their stories.

About us

Crisp helps to create a digital world that is safe for everyone

For more than 15 years Crisp has identified actors and groups intent on using the digital world to propagate dangerous narratives and carry out their harmful agendas. Today Crisp is the most trusted provider of Actor Risk Intelligence for today’s leading brands, global enterprises and social media platforms.

This has not only resulted in defending the reputations of today’s most beloved brands, it also has contributed to the safe, daily online experiences of more than two billion users, including an estimated 450 million children.

Currently, we protect more than $6.5 trillion in combined market capitalization for our customers. We can protect yours too.

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