Social media is being weaponized. Is your brand safe?

Half the global population is on the web. Any one of them can generate content that harms your brand: fake news, threats, co-ordinated attacks.

Leading global brands trust Crisp for Social Media Safety, safeguarding their share price and reputation by guaranteeing they are always the first to know. Which means they are always the first to act.

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Crisis Monitoring

Finding harmful needles in an infinite haystack

The web adds over a million new users every day. Any one of them can harm your brand. Crisp continuously scours thousands of social media platforms in more than 50 languages in real time, protecting your hard-won brand and enterprise value.

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Community Management

Trust your social media, guaranteed

Engaging your community is necessary for business; accepting the associated risks is not. Crisp monitors and moderates all your owned media properties 24/7/365, guaranteeing to take action on harmful content and alert you to serious issues within minutes.

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Pharma Social Compliance

Keeping your pharma brand safe and compliant

Global pharmaceutical companies and their pharmacovigilance leaders trust Crisp to keep their social presence safe and compliant, giving their marketing teams and agency partners the complete confidence to focus on patient engagement, and the freedom to gather patient insights.

A brand crisis is only a matter of time. Are you fully prepared?

80% of organizations responded to crisis situations at least once in the past two years 1

69% of brand crises spread internationally within a day, 28% in the first hour 2

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  2. “Containing a Crisis”, Freshfields, Bruckhaus, Deringer

Ensure your Social Media Safety today

Crisp protects over $3.6 trillion in market capitalization of the world’s most powerful brands. We can protect yours too.