App Store Review Monitoring

Crisp monitors all app store ratings and reviews for your brand and products round the clock, so your brand enjoys complete online brand safety

Trust Crisp to take the risk out of app store reviews

Potential users often check the ratings and reviews on your app before downloading it. This means negative reviews and bug reports that go unanswered and unfixed will reduce the reach of your app.

App reviews can also be a useful source of information when you’re looking to improve and develop your app further. Negative reviews and reports of bugs, crashes and other issues can help you identify live issues with the current version of your app. By detecting and fixing these quickly you will gain a more engaged user base. Often, even positive reviews include information on how you can improve the user's experience on your app. Crisp’s App Store Review Monitoring service can identify and categorise these comments for you and alert you to high priority issues.

Crisp monitors reviews of your apps in the AppStore and Google Play to identify common bugs or issues and quickly view negative reviews and comments.

Crisp offers accuracy, speed and consistency

With millions of people viewing ratings and comments on apps each day, it’s crucial that all risky content relating to your app is identified and actioned quickly and professionally. With Crisp’s ‘Critique’ service you can be confident that we will protect you from these risks, here’s how:

Fast detection

Fast detection

Crisp monitors all app store reviews, every day providing guaranteed detection and intervention within minutes

Nothing gets missed

Nothing gets missed

We review 100% of reviews and comments to ensure no bug report, issue or complaint goes unnoticed

24/7, 365

24/7, 365

Protection in over 50 languages, even at night, weekends and during activity spikes

App Store Review Monitoring is part of our 'Critique' service which also includes Online Review Monitoring

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