Case Studies

Today’s leading brands, global enterprises and social media platforms trust Crisp to provide them with early-warning risk intelligence, delivering real-time risk defense, with intelligence and compliance solutions guaranteed to ensure our customers are always the first to know and act. Learn more about the work we do below.

Case study: Multinational Entertainment Brand

As one of the world’s largest and most recognized entertainment brands, our client was quickly growing its social media presence to keep up with its ever-expanding portfolio of beloved media properties. Unfortunately, these social media channels also attracted detractors intent on disrupting engagement. Their malicious agendas not only put the brand’s reputation at risk, they also put its consumers in harm’s way.

Case study: Top Luxury Fashion Brand

As one of the world’s top 50 most valuable brands, our Italian luxury fashion client has been recognized on multiple occasions for its innovative and unconventional marketing. However, in recent years a number of high-profile luxury fashion brands have found themselves at the center of controversy, especially on social media.

Case study: Fortune 500 Tools and Hardware Manufacturer

Crisp’s client, a Fortune 500 Industrial Tools, Hardware and Security Products Manufacturer, increasingly found itself caught off guard by unexpected incidents and issues surfacing on social media.

Case study: Global Financial Services Brand

The Financial Services industry has been the target of increasing skepticism among consumers and online attacks by bad actors. Our client smartly recognized the need to maintain a positive brand experience on a global scale across their owned social media pages, while also securing vital intelligence on digital chatter outside those channels signaling potential threats to their core business.

Case study: Global Distilled Spirits Brand

Our client, a leading global distilled spirits brand, had a positive industry reputation for consistently demonstrating a high standard of marketing compliance. However, as their social media presence expanded in reach and popularity it became increasingly difficult to maintain that standard.

Case study: Global Social Media Platform

Protecting the safe online experiences of users and advertising partners has always been priority No. 1 for our client. However, their team quickly realized that despite its best efforts, bad actors intent on doing harm to users - including children - would stop at nothing to forward their own malicious agendas. It quickly became clear that a new approach was needed.

Case study: Global Gaming Company

As one of fastest growing Virtual Worlds games, our client recognized the need to provide a safe environment for users, and contracted a range of partners to help moderate player engagement. However, threats started to evolve dramatically, particularly as the popularity of the game expanded and new users joined who spoke new languages.

Case study: Enterprise Pharma Company

As one of the world’s largest, publicly-traded, pharmaceutical companies, our client recognized early on the value and importance of engaging directly with consumers online. However, as programming expanded globally, they quickly encountered some new challenges.

Case study: Global Agency Partner

Pharma advertising is surging, especially online. As a result, our agency client found itself creating more and more digitally-led marketing campaigns. However, these campaigns also required the agency to provide a dedicated compliance resource to ensure its social media activities followed FDA and EMA guidelines for reporting Adverse Events.

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