Adult beverage brands have to operate within strict advertising guidelines so ironclad social risk defense isn't optional. That's why the best-run brands choose Crisp's service for social media monitoring and moderation, to ensure 24/7 round-the-clock coverage of their online channels 365 days a year.

Our adult beverage clients can't be named publicly in our case studies, but here's how one Fortune 500 beverage brand is deploying Crisp for monitoring and moderation.

Why they needed Crisp

The brand was relying on their in-house social media team, but coverage on nights, weekends and holidays was spotty and they knew it. The legal team had expressed concern about images that breach guidelines might be left too long on their owned channels. The digital team lead came to us and asked for help with the following:

  • Help us fill the gaps so we have true 24/7 coverage 365 days a year.
  • Make sure we catch every single piece of inappropriate user-generated content. We want to be sure the images and stories our users post reflect responsible use of the product.
  • During holidays and sports events, activity tends to spike. Help us manage the volume, track every single user-generated post so we can reply with the same level of customer service our fans expect.
  • When the members of the public post personal struggles on our channels, we want to catch and address them in the right context. We can't afford a social media crisis to go unchecked.
  • If our brand is attacked online for any reason, we need to catch and address it through the right channels immediately.
  • Make sure we know about any issue related to our brand, before the media does.

Real-world results

  • Product posts: All online activity by and about the product is monitored 24/7 365 days a year. If a consumer says or posts anything that could reflect negatively on the brand, the risk management team knows about first.
  • Inappropriate content: The brand is extremely popular during celebratory moments. Crisp's service ensures the team is aware of anything that walks the line of appropriateness.
  • Volume spikes: During major events the brand is now ready for massive spikes in mentions, comments and overall activity, because Crisp's service scales automatically delivering peace of mind to the social team.
  • Social Media Crisis: With 24/7 365 coverage, the brand no longer has gaps in online monitoring. If a social media crisis arises, a Crisp manager informs the designated team so they can get the right communications out fast.
  • High Profile Interactions: Crisp's service uses human intelligence, so it instantly alerts the company to the important issues, without wasting time by alerting them to needless issues.
  • Threats of self-harm, to their staff, CEO or customers: Even threats to life can be addressed within minutes, before they get out of control.

The Crisp service they use

  • Every mention of their brand is monitored across Twitter, blogs and the wider social web, and a manager telephones the PR team as soon as an issue arises.
  • Human Risk Analysts individually monitor comments on each of their regional Facebook pages and inappropriate posts are hidden or escalated according to the brand's guidelines.
  • Moderation and monitoring is now in 55 languages.


  • Digital and brand managers can now assure the legal team that guidelines are being adhered to 24/7 in all regions.
  • The PR and risk management team now hear about product issues within 30 minutes so they can monitor the situation and take appropriate action.
  • Holidays and events are no longer a time of tension for the social team who can focus on engagement without having to monitor every post for possible issues.

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