Case study:
Fortune 500 Tools and Hardware Manufacturer

Countering unknown unknowns with early-warning risk intelligence

Today’s corporate risk registers feature several known factors that can do harm to brand value, especially those that commonly surface online. But what about the unknown risks that emerge and catch enterprises by surprise? Unfortunately, no business sector is immune to these “unknown unknowns,” not even the Tools and Hardware industry.

Crisp’s client, a Fortune 500 Industrial Tools, Hardware and Security Products Manufacturer, increasingly found itself caught off guard by unexpected incidents and issues surfacing on social media. As the company grew in size, so did its exposure online. This translated to a number of consumers recklessly using its products inappropriately, and some rogue employees also creating harmful content featuring its brands. This posed an unexpected business critical risk to the enterprise and its reputation.

The traditional monitoring tools the company had in place couldn’t anticipate these unfortunate incidents or provide the defense needed to prevent them from becoming a public safety or brand reputation issue. They knew they needed to find a different kind of solution to counter these unknown, unknowns.

This posed an unexpected business critical risk to the enterprise and its reputation.


In 2020 alone, our client added more than 50 new owned social media pages creating a global conversation across more than 200 brand-owned social media channels in dozens of different languages. This not only fed its brands’ popularity, it also attracted the attention of instigators intent on disrupting engagement and detractors eager to do harm to the company’s reputation. With conversation volumes growing daily, their communications and digital marketing teams found themselves assessing millions of pieces of content annually to make sure none of these unexpected incidents emerged undetected. This proved difficult for the following reasons:

Sheer volume

The massive scale of the company’s social media presence, and the conversation generated around it, made the task of separating genuine brand incidents from the millions of pieces of benign content annually too great a challenge. This resulted in valid incidents going undetected.

24/7/365 coverage

Operating 200+ social media pages in 20+ languages meant conversations about the enterprise and its brands were happening in all parts of the world, at all times of the day and night. Existing solutions couldn’t keep up with the non-stop, global conversation in real time.

Assessing the severity

Along with struggling to detect the unknown unknowns, communications and digital marketing teams lacked the intelligent solutions needed to assess emerging incidents and their severity to better determine which ones to prioritize and how potentially damaging they may become.


Crisp created an early-warning risk intelligence solution that combined the world-class monitoring and moderation capabilities of its Owned Social Defense service along with its 24/7/365 Crisis and Threat Defense services, which monitored and delivered intelligent reporting to ensure our client’s communications and digital marketing teams were always first to know and act on known and unknown public relations or security risks surfacing online.

Crisis Defense

Provided real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and intelligent reporting on the people, groups and organizations that represented a public relations risk to our client’s enterprise and brands globally to ensure they were first to know about issues and incidents that have the potential to explode into a crisis and negatively impact their reputation and finances.

Threat Defense

Provided real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and intelligent reporting on the people, groups and organizations that represent a security risk to an enterprise to ensure they are first to know about threats and incidents that have the potential to cause harm to staff, physical and cyber assets or events.

Owned Social Defense

Protected our client’s enterprise and associated brands from damage to engagement and reputation caused by harmful communications posted to their owned social pages by removing content breaching brand guidelines, and identifying and countering the instigators and detractors who created it.

With these solutions in place, Crisp was able to identify business critical risks, such as product safety and quality issues as well as employee wrong-doing and threats, escalating those issues to the relevant client teams to facilitate a fast and appropriate response. Today our client is aware of both the known and unknown incidents and issues that pose a threat to their reputation as well as the individuals behind them.

4+ million pieces of content reviewed annually

200+ brand-owned social media pages defended

99 moderate, credible incidents escalated

2 significant, credible threats escalated

The highest standard in Brand Communications defense and intelligence

At Crisp, we guarantee you’ll always be first to know and act. Join the hundreds of other enterprises who trust us to protect their combined $4.5 trillion in market capitalization with early-warning risk intelligence. Find out why Crisp is the highest standard in Brand Communications Defense and Intelligence today.