Case study:
Global Distilled Spirits Brand

Setting the Example in Alcohol Industry Compliance

The alcohol industry sets a high bar for marketing compliance, especially for social media. Its guidelines, developed in partnership with the FTC and industry associations, such as the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), ensure legal-aged consumers can engage in a safe and welcoming online environment with their favorite distilled spirits brands.

This requires those brands to rigorously moderate user-generated content on owned social media pages, monitor comments made on brand-sponsored social media ad campaigns 24/7/365, and proactively remove underage or inappropriate engagements from those channels. Failure to remain compliant with these standards can result in fines, the shutdown of marketing activities and increased industry regulations.

Our client, a leading global distilled spirits brand, had a positive industry reputation for consistently demonstrating a high standard of marketing compliance. However, as their social media presence expanded in reach and popularity it became increasingly difficult to maintain that standard. They quickly realized their existing solutions did not have the ability to monitor millions of pieces of content or proactively identify potential compliance risks on their owned and paid social media channels in a timely manner.

Failure to remain compliant with these standards can result in fines, the shutdown of marketing activities and increased industry regulations.


As their marketing teams continued to add more product social media pages, the parent company’s compliance team saw more underage users engage those pages, and more detractors post non-compliant, inappropriate content on them. With 200+ social media pages, on which hundreds of thousands of pieces of content were shared monthly, it became clear that their marketing teams were not equipped to manage the volume of content or compliance concerns occurring globally for the following reasons:

24/7/365 coverage

As a global enterprise operating 200+ social media pages in 30+ languages, conversations were happening in all parts of the world, at all times of the day and night. Their existing solution couldn’t manage the compliance requirements of a nonstop global conversation in real time.

Volume and scale

With millions of pieces of user-generated content shared annually in multiple languages, making sure the high volume of content was compliant with multiple country industry regulations was not possible using their existing solution.

Regulatory changes

The industry’s social media guidelines constantly evolved globally, creating more opportunities for compliance risks to occur, including inappropriate user-generated content, privacy violations, improper product promotions and underage user engagements. Their existing solution couldn’t guarantee the consistent detection of such risks.


Crisp mobilized its suite of Owned Social and Paid Social Alcohol Compliance solutions to provide our client with world-class social media moderation and monitoring, while maintaining compliance with the latest distilled spirits social media guidelines. In addition, Crisp put its Crisis Defense solution in place to monitor and report on issues and incidents surfacing outside of the client’s owned and paid social media activity that could pose an unknown risk to the brand:

Owned Social Alcohol Compliance

Protected our client through 24/7/365 moderation and monitoring of millions of pieces of user-generated content, and ensured responses and reactions on owned social media pages complied with industry regulations, including the removal of under-age consumption, alcohol abuse, privacy policy violations and content perceived as appealing to children.

Paid Social Alcohol Compliance

Ensured our client’s investment in paid social media advertising complied with alcohol industry regulations through the removal of content or comments depicting under-age consumption, alcohol abuse, privacy policy violations and those perceived as appealing to children.

Crisis Defense

Provided real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and intelligent reporting on the people, groups and organizations that represent a risk to our client to ensure their teams were first to know about issues and incidents that have the potential to explode into a crisis, negatively impact corporate reputation or contribute to compliance violations.

Today Crisp protects the distilled spirit’s parent brand globally, including nearly 20 additional product brands, with 24/7/365 social media moderation and monitoring to ensure it is safe from illegal and offensive content, IP, counterfeits, trademark violations and alcohol compliance risks.

Through the review of more than 250,000 user-generated content items monthly in more than 30 languages, our client is able to confidently move forward with expanding their social media presence knowing that their brands will remain fully compliant with alcohol industry regulations.

Their compliance and communications teams now operate with peace of mind knowing that should an unknown incident or issue emerge online outside of their social media activities, Crisp guarantees they will always be first to know and act.

250,000+ UGC items reviewed monthly on brand pages

200+ owned social media pages defended

30+ languages supported globally

Keeping your enterprise safe and compliant

Crisp guarantees to detect all potential violations of regulatory obligations on monitored channels, including owned social, wider web or sponsored advertorial, and tailors this world-class service to each brand’s individual needs. Find out why Crisp is the highest standard in Regulatory Compliance.