Case study:
Global Financial Services Brand

Mitigating brand risk on a global scale

The Financial Services industry directly impacts the lives of billions of people worldwide. Because of this high profile, it has also been the target of increasing skepticism among consumers and online attacks by bad actors. When these risks surface online they not only disrupt business operations, they can also erode brand trust.

Our client, one of the largest brands in the Financial Services industry smartly recognized this, and set out to proactively engage its consumers by participating in global sponsorships, celebrity endorsements, top-tier influencer engagements, international sporting events and major entertainment partnerships. These activities also inspired consumer engagement across 100+ brand-owned social media pages worldwide.

However, it quickly became clear that they needed a partner who could help them maintain a positive brand experience on a global scale across their owned social media pages, while also providing vital intelligence on digital chatter outside those channels signaling potential threats to their core business.

When these risks surface online they not only disrupt business operations, they can also erode brand trust.


Working closely with our client’s internal communications and digital marketing teams, we identified gaps in their existing solution and its ability to detect and mitigate risks associated with their complex network of global brand activities and brand-owned social media pages.

These gaps included the following:

Unknown unknowns

While our client, and its existing solution, were aware of known incidents and issues that plagued the industry, they were unable to identify the unknown topics that if left undetected could evolve into a full-blown crisis.

Global coverage in real time

As a global brand, worldwide conversations occurred at all times of the day and night, which meant the US-headquartered team often woke up to a flurry of alerts from global subsidiaries. Along with the lag in alerting, their ability to assess the severity of the situation proved difficult.

Scalability of social media engagement

This difficulty extended to the brand’s 100+ owned social media pages where millions of pieces of content appeared, and required hands-on moderation to eliminate harmful content, identify customer service requests and remain compliant with financial industry regulations.


Crisp mobilized a suite of Defense and Intelligence solutions for our client’s communications and digital marketing teams to help them defend their brand-owned social media pages and deliver intelligence on potential incidents and issues at risk of harming their brand.

For example, when digital chatter spread in Europe about a potential data breach on a loyalty program, Crisp intelligence teams alerted and briefed client communications teams headquartered in the US, so that they were prepared to address media inquiries the following day as the news cycle reached the country, heading off an emerging brand trust issue.

The solutions Crisp employed included:

Crisis Defense

Real-time 24/7/365 monitoring and intelligent reporting on relevant people, groups, issues and organizations to ensure our client was first to know about issues and incidents that had the potential to negatively impact their brand reputation and business operations.

Owned Social Defense

Protecting their enterprise from damage to engagement and reputation caused by harmful communications posted to their owned social pages by removing content breaching brand guidelines, and identifying and countering the detractors who created it.

Market Intelligence

Deep-dive and ongoing intelligence and insight on competitors, brand ambassadors, emerging trends and topics impacting the Financial Services industry.

Period of Interest Intelligence

Deep-dive intelligence and insight on topics of discussion related to specific periods of time following an incident or associated with an event, such as a global sponsorship.

Today our client is more aware of the high-impact incidents and issues impacting their business both on their brand-owned social media pages and beyond. They are also better prepared to act when known or unknown challenges surface outside of those channels. With our Defense and Intelligence solutions in place they truly are the first to know and act.

4+ million pieces of content on brand-owned channels reviewed

150,000+ pieces of content reviewed from the wider web

6,000+ customer service engagements triaged globally

60 countries’ social media pages defended

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