Round-the-clock cover making social media a safe place to connect

A global luxury fashion house selling ready-to-wear clothing, fragrances and cosmetics required an advanced level of protection on its social media channels. Due to the high-profile nature of its merchandise, customers were being exposed to high volumes of spam, counterfeit goods traders, activist attacks, security risks, IP and trademark violations and PR crises.

The Challenge

The fashion house had no dedicated team in place to moderate over 50,000 comments across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, in five different languages, every month.

Moderation was managed by their internal social media and community teams on an ad hoc basis, during regular office hours only. There was no holiday or out-of-hours cover in place, which meant risks were frequently being missed.

The Solution

By assessing the brand’s risk concerns, the business impact of these, and their current capability for 24/7 human intervention and risk management, we proposed providing coverage for:


IP, Trademark & Piracy

Removing posts promoting counterfeit goods.


Inappropriate content

Eliminating spam and preventing scammers from targeting the brand’s customers.


PR & Comms

Understanding and preventing brand-specific PR issues, such as model and body image comments, celebrity ambassador scandal, animal rights activist attacks.


Product Issues

Identifying customer complaints or product issues, and preventing the issues from going viral.


Physical Security

Detecting violations or threats made to staff, executives, physical assets and brand advocates.

Crisp’s solution now provides 24/7 protection across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter from low and high-impact risks within 15 minutes. When these risks do occur, our team of Risk Analysts are in place to escalate the issue so that the pre-agreed action is taken within 30 minutes. We direct issues to a named individual, and remain on-hand to act on their further instruction. So, should a serious issue arise, the fashion house knows we will protect them.

The Results

We have taken control of any risks to the brand’s owned channels and allowed the fashion house to concentrate on their core business. Spam has been eliminated from their Facebook page, safeguarding customers and removing irrelevant content. We also monitor any mentions of the brand on Twitter.

Any serious risks, such as activist attacks, are identified early, and the brand is now better placed to prevent such threats from impacting on their sales or reputation.

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