Case study:
Multinational Entertainment Brand

Defending brand engagement globally at scale

The global media and entertainment industry is one of the largest in the world, and is expected to surpass a valuation of $2.6 trillion by 2023*.

As one of the world’s largest and most recognized entertainment brands, our client was quickly growing its social media presence to keep up with its ever-expanding portfolio of beloved media properties. This resulted in setting up hundreds of social media pages to engage with dedicated fans around the world, many of which were families. These social media pages and their corresponding campaigns served as an extension of the brand’s well-regarded customer experience.

Unfortunately, these social media channels also attracted detractors intent on disrupting engagement. Their malicious agendas not only put the brand’s reputation at risk, they also put its consumers in harm’s way. For a family-friendly brand, the margin of error for allowing harmful content to appear on its social media channels was zero.

The question quickly became how to maintain that standard of excellence amid the growing volume of online conversations happening on these important brand channels 24/7/365 around the globe.

* PwC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019-2023

For a family-friendly brand, the margin of error for allowing harmful content to appear on its social media channels was zero.


With every addition of a new owned social media channel, the brand’s existing solutions were stretched thinner and thinner. Its traditional moderation tools and automated word filters simply were no match for the millions of pieces of content that consumers and detractors posted every month. As the size and scale of the conversation continued to grow the brand - historically known for creating memorable experiences - quickly found its ability to maintain a family-friendly and safe online environment too difficult on its own for the following reasons:

Volume and scale

There were millions of pieces of content and hundreds of thousands of harmful posts being generated on a monthly basis, so its human-powered and traditional solutions just weren’t enough.

Language and culture

With an expanding global fan base, internal teams and traditional tools struggled to manage social media pages in eight core languages simultaneously, while also retaining a relevant understanding of the important cultural nuances often involved with responding to each conversation.

24/7/365 global coverage

As a global brand, conversations were happening in all parts of the world, at all times of the day and night, so existing solutions couldn’t manage the scale or scope of nonstop global coverage in real time.


Crisp mobilized its Owned Social Defense and Paid Social Defense solutions to provide our client with world-class social media monitoring and moderation of its owned social media pages and corresponding social media advertising campaigns around the globe, removing harmful content within 15 minutes.

Owned Social Defense

Protected our client, and its audiences, through 24/7/365 moderation and monitoring of millions of pieces of content, preventing damage to brand reputation caused by detractors posting harmful content on the brand’s owned social media pages.

Paid Social Defense

Ensured our client’s investment in paid social media advertising, and the family-friendly and safe atmosphere its audiences expected, was not negatively impacted through the posting of harmful content on those ads by detractors.

Today our client is able to confidently expand its social media presence knowing the same standard of excellence it applies offline successfully carries over to social media. Crisp continues to deliver on its guarantee of removing harmful content within 15 minutes. Our team defends 450+ owned social media pages on behalf of the brand worldwide, as well as their corresponding social media advertising campaigns. Along with reviewing 40+ million pieces of content on those pages annually to remove over 800,000 pieces of harmful content, our enterprise-grade solution now supports the company’s corporate security function, finding and flagging individual threats to company assets and employees by escalating credible intelligence to their internal team.

40+ million pieces of content reviewed on client global channels annually

1+ million harmful content items removed or hidden from those channels

350,000+ customer service opportunities identified and escalated

450+ brand social media pages defended

25 credible imminent threats escalated to corporate security teams

Relentlessly focused on protecting your social media assets

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