Accurate social media reporting in the highly-regulated pharma industry

The world’s largest pharmaceutical company needed support to ensure they complied with adverse event reporting. To protect the reputation of their multiple drug brands, this pharma multinational also needed to keep their pages clear of other social media risks ranging from reports of self-harm and substance abuse to brand attacks and PR issues.

The Challenge

This pharmaceutical giant was previously working with a social media agency to police their social channels and report adverse events.

However, due to late and inconsistent reporting across their social pages and community platforms, they were facing non-compliance issues which had the potential to leave the company open to lawsuits.

The Solution

Through our social media risk assessment, we identified key threats to the brand:


Adverse Events

Consolidating the monitoring and reporting of a wide range of adverse events including death or life threatening events, hospitalization, symptoms or diseases, exposure during breastfeeding, misuse or abuse and medication errors across the social channels for submission to the internal Drug Safety team.


Vulnerable People

Identifying suicide threats or self-harm reports and taking the appropriate action to make sure calls for help don’t go unheard but online communities are protected.


PR & Comms

Detecting brand or activist threats early and escalating to in-house PR & Security teams.


Product Issues

Identifying, logging and reporting any defects or complaints concerning the product itself, packaging, labelling and counterfeit medication.

We implemented Crisp’s solution across the pharmaceutical company’s social pages and community platforms to provide 24/7 protection from all these high-impact risks and provide immediate adverse event reports. Crisp also work with the individual Drug Owners and Drug Safety teams at this multinational company to co-ordinate, consolidate and produce daily, weekly and various reconciliation reports across all social channels. Each brand and specific page has its own triage specifications attached to this and Crisp’s experts have provided the flexibility to match the expectation of various stakeholders at this organization.

The Results

Crisp consistently achieve 100% accuracy in adverse event reporting and the pharmaceutical company now has a full and up-to-date record of all reported content concerning adverse events.

Crisp’s Risk Analysts have been trained by each of the company’s brands to create bespoke reports for the specific area so that adverse event reporting is effortless and accurate for this pharma company, now and in the future.

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