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Crisp protects your social media pages round the clock, so your brand enjoys complete online brand safety

How Crisp can work with you

Making sure social media forum posts and comments are free from child safety risks is critical.

However, this can be a real challenge to monitor. Companies are restricted by internal teams operating only during office hours, using tools that often miss nuanced risks or using external agencies that charge premium rates for out of hours monitoring services.

Crisp works with teams to help them detect issues when they appear online, accurately reporting them within the agreed timeframe.

Why use Crisp to protect you on social media?

If you need to be COPPA compliant our bespoke moderation service guarantees you:

Fast detection

Fast detection

Crisp moderates each of your brand’s social media pages all day, every day, providing guaranteed risky content detection and intervention within minutes

Nothing gets throughs

Nothing gets through

We hide or remove every comment, image and video that poses a risk 24/7, 365

24/7, 365

24/7, 365

Protection in over 50 languages, even at night, weekends and during activity spikes

Comply from Crisp

Child Safety Compliance is part of our 'Comply' service which also includes Pharmaceutical Compliance, Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance and Financial Services Compliance

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