We Manage The Risks

Social networks, app providers and online game companies face a variety of risks when it comes to keeping users safe and their brand trusted.


Live Video Streams

The hazards of live video streaming on social media are well documented, with publicized incidents of live shootings, extremism and suicide, as well as more mainstream risks such as copyright and IP content violations. Crisp manages thousands of live streams concurrently, detecting inappropriate and offensive content, and intervening where necessary.


Child Abuse and Illegal Images

Detecting, managing and reporting child abuse and illegal images requires a multilayered approach. Crisp delivers a complete managed service to comply with United States Code 18 on child abuse reporting. We work with industry partners to combine known illegal image detection with a dedicated team, which reports issues and where necessary escalates concerns directly to authorities.


Pornography and Offensive Images

Whether it is through uploaded images or videos, profile pictures or link sharing, social platforms encounter a variety of offensive content. Crisp detects pornography, guns, nudity, gore and graphic images in real-time. Using proprietary image classification algorithms and signal analysis, combined with human assisted training, we have achieved the highest accuracy rate in the industry.


User Reports and Flagged Content

App Store and Google Play apps displaying user generated content should be equipped to filter and flag offensive content, as well as block abusive users. Crisp has a variety of compliant services to manage and moderate content within the regulated timeframe, keeping apps safe and preventing app store rejection.


Illegal and Radicalization Content

Legislation directed at social platforms that fail to identify and address illegal and radicalization content, could soon be a reality. Crisp works with leading universities and partners to train our systems to identify extremism and grooming. With a dedicated team on hand to escalate ‘live’ risks to authorities if required.


Cyber Bullying and Trolls

Abusive behavior and harassment can destroy trust in a social platform, drive away high profile users and cause a reputation crisis. Crisp’s solutions are highly accurate at detecting trolls and cyber bullying. We intervene without suppressing freedom of speech for other users.


Sexual Exploitation

Increasingly sophisticated methods are being used by sex offenders to exploit children, young people and adults online. Crisp works with social platforms to identify sexual predators and online groomers, protecting those most at risk.


Hate Speech and Abuse

Countering hate speech, without suppressing users’ freedom of expression, is challenging for social platforms. Crisp combines an array of techniques that allow social platforms to set their own level of tolerance – for what is and isn’t acceptable.


COPPA Compliant Content

Social platforms aimed at children and teenagers in the US must conform to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Crisp provides compliant pre- and post-moderation services, helping organizations meet regulations.

Introducing Safety as a Service

Delivering a safe and trusted platform has typically required a substantial investment in technical development to identify issues, alongside a sizable human moderation resource to address concerns. An estimated 50 percent of employees working for social platforms are responsible for content moderation and abuse reports.

Safety as a Service delivers a complete end-to-end solution for keeping social platforms safe. It combines the world’s most advanced risk identification technology – across images, videos, text and reputational profiling, with a global team of Social Media Risk Analysts, who are on hand 24/7 to intervene and address issues within minutes.

How We Keep You Safe

Crisp’s mission is to deliver complete safety for your social platform by providing expert services.

Image Classification and Moderation

Image Classification and Moderation

Crisp moderates millions of images and videos in real-time every month. We offer the industry’s highest detection rate for offensive and illegal imagery, for example pornography, gore, guns, abuse and extremist content. We deliver custom risk categories such as ad compliance, dating profiles and image relevance, and manage illegal image reporting to authorities. Our global team proactively classifies millions of images and videos for training, keeping us ahead of the game.

Comment Classification and Moderation

Comment Classification and Moderation

Crisp analyzes posts, comments and discussions in over 50 languages to identify a broad range of risks from offensive, illegal and abusive content, to spam and online scams. We offer pre- and post- moderation services, and use a combination of natural language processing and machine learning techniques together with real-time, on-demand human curation for marginal decisions.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Crisp protects live chat applications with real-time contextual filtering. Our service combines advanced linguistic analysis with real-time reputational profiling. The type of content allowed and the way it is used depends on the criteria you set. We have pre-configured policies for a wide range of audiences – from ‘edgy’ to the most stringent COPPA compliant kids’ sites. Crisp’s live chat filtering services are always used alongside ‘bad actor profiling’ allowing us to determine the reputation and behavior of users, and identify risks such as sexual exploitation, trolling, radicalization and grooming.

Bad Actor Profiling and Reputation Management

Bad Actor Profiling and Reputation Management

Crisp has numerous patents granted in the real-time profiling of ‘bad actor’ behavior, for example abusive individuals, trolls, sexual predators, groomers and extremists. Our machine learning platform is constantly trained by Crisp’s experts with real world data from law enforcement, security and psychology experts, so we stay one step ahead in detecting fraudulent and toxic behavior. Our social media risk experts are ready 24/7 to review, manage and escalate serious issues, and impose user sanctions within minutes.

For the last eight years we have maintained 100% accuracy in the identification of online grooming for our customers, with less than 1% false positive rate.

Why Use Crisp

The largest global brands and most popular social platforms in the world trust Crisp to keep them safe. Here’s why:

We have the experience

We have reviewed billions of pieces of content and categorized millions of risks across images, videos, chat, text and profiles, and continue to add new signatures daily. Crisp’s global network and intelligent approach often means we have seen a risk and protected you before it ever occurs on your social platform.

Human touch when it matters

Our technology is exceptional, but when it comes to addressing and intervening in a critical issue, our global team of social media analysts is on hand to review, manage and escalate serious concerns within minutes, 24/7.

A proven track record

Hundreds of the world’s largest social platforms, online game companies and children’s entertainment businesses have relied on Crisp for over ten years, and we have never failed to identify a serious risk during that period.

We guarantee quality

We partner with social platforms to keep them safe. We deliver a complete managed service, with a guarantee on the level of accuracy and speed for every risk we protect you from.

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