Crises happen quickly. And spread even faster

Nothing trends faster than bad news, whether it’s true or not. Crisp combines unmatched, NSA-grade AI taxonomy with human analysis to detect harmful social content across the wide reaches of the web. We do it 24/7/365, with absolutely no false alarms. So you are always first to know, first to act.

The Crisp formula: Extended Intelligence
AI + HI = XI

Crisp began pioneering Artificial Intelligence taxonomy for Social Media Safety before social media even existed. We add Human Intelligence from 700 global Safety Analysts, for cultural context in more than 50 languages. This creates our singular Extended Intelligence, delivering guaranteed Social Media Safety with no false alarms.

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First to know means first to act. Every time

Whatever Crisp discovers lurking within the public and dark web, we follow your brand-specific escalation protocols to the right shareholders within 30 minutes. That unmatched response time enables your team to respond faster, and with more confidence.

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The web is worldwide. So is Crisp

With AI coverage in more than 50 languages and human Safety Analysts in every time zone, Crisp’s Social Media Safety solutions deliver global control with regional nuance.

65% of CEOs feel most vulnerable about getting the right information quickly during a crisis 1. Fake news, a cyberattack, a supply chain disruption, executive misbehavior — news of these and hundreds of other events and issues can go viral in an instant, endangering your brand. You need briefing as quickly and thoroughly as possible.