Crisis Monitoring

Crisp provides rapid detection of critical issues and emerging brand crises, enabling our clients to limit, or even prevent, brand damage

Crises are inevitable and can occur at any time

Social media not only increases the reach of a potential crisis, it can mask the early signals in an unmanageable amount of data.

Rapid Detection


Crisp detects critical issues and emerging brand crises in real-time from millions of public and dark online data sources. Crisp’s nuanced understanding of each of our brand customers allows us to determine exactly what is and isn’t important to a brand’s Crisis Management Team.

No False Alarms

No False

We don’t believe in a firehose of alerts. Every issue or crisis which requires escalation is verified by Crisp’s global human analyst team who understand the potential brand impact and which crisis plan to initiate.

Enabling a Rapid Response

Enabling a
Rapid Response

Crisp evaluates the impact and severity of an issue and determines the correct stakeholder to alert in order to initiate the fastest response. Crisp will continue to escalate key trends through the crisis management process.

Global Coverage


Crisp’s monitoring services and escalation teams operate in over 50 languages to ensure culturally-aware coverage. As an enterprise solution Crisp delivers the right mix of global control with regional nuance to keep all brands safe.

Community Management

Crisp’s award-winning community management services are used by the world’s biggest brands to make sure that their own social media pages are moderated in-line with its brand values. Crisp delivers this high quality moderation whilst also providing on-demand social media engagement which quickly responds to customer questions to stop community problems becoming issues or crises.