Discussion Forum Moderation

Crisp protects your forums round the clock, so your brand enjoys complete online brand safety

Why moderate your online community?

Running a community forum or having comments sections on your website is a great way to engage with people online. It offers huge marketing potential, allowing you (and your customers) to promote your products and services and talk knowledgably about industry topics. An engaged community will lead to happier customers, more new prospects and better search engine rankings for your site. Unfortunately, these open areas for discussion often attract trolls, spammers and a range of unwanted comments that can crush the performance of your forum and ruin your reputation online.

Crisp makes sure damaging comments are quickly removed from your sponsored social media posts.

Let Crisp remove unwanted user generated content from your forum comments

Crisp’s moderation service offers you 24/7 protection from all potential risks associated with user generated comments, images and videos on your forum or website comments area. We detect and remove all inappropriate comments and can tailor our service to fit your community guidelines.

Round-the-clock moderation

Round-the-clock moderation

Crisp removes or hides all inappropriate comments, images and videos, spam, scams, hate speech comments, and trolls from your forum in minutes and with 99.9% accuracy

Guaranteed protection

Guaranteed protection

We detect 100% of unwanted content in over 50 languages, even during activity spikes

Discussion Forum Moderation is part of our 'Clean' service which also includes Social Media Moderation, Social Ad Moderation, Social Competition Moderation and Image and Video Moderation

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