Eradicate spam, off-topic discussion and internet riff-raff with our pristine 24/7 community, text, and content moderation platform

Comment threads and community forums are fantastic until trolls, spam, and worse show up. Crisp eliminates this risk and protects critical ad revenue and audience satisfaction by monitoring for and eliminating inappropriate content 24/7.

People love how the open web allows users to share their own knowledge and ideas – at least until a few bad apples show up and ruin the experience for everyone. Crisp solves this problem by shutting the creeps down using an unbeatably accurate and fast combination of human analysis and powerful technology.

Until now, most businesses were stuck with a tough choice between zero out of hours protection and complete moderation protection at exorbitant costs, because social agencies and round the clock in-house teams are so pricey. But Crisp has changed that game, so publishers can finally have it all: complete coverage, unmatched detection quality and unprecedented notification speed - all at a price that meets their bottom line.

Here's how we do it: Crisp's ironclad moderation platform scrapes and examines every uploaded byte, checking it against criteria that you designate. Our analysts review every comment then we either notify you, or remove the post, or both, once we have established that it needs to be removed. This combination of technology and human power delivers an unbeatably fast, accurate service with the lowest false-positive rate in the industry.

The result is that users and advertisers get the safe and satisfying online experience you intend, which means they will keep coming back for more.

Use it for

  • Forum moderation
  • Content moderation
  • Community moderation
  • Lithium, Muut and Disqus moderation
  • Remove inappropriate content
  • Remove illegal content
  • Detect and eliminate spam and propaganda
  • Detect and eliminate hate speech
  • Detect and address suicide and self-harm comments

Protecting Social Platforms

Crisp helps social platforms deliver complete trust and safety by protecting them from illegal and offensive content, graphic images, exploitation and abusive behavior.

Keep your platform safe