Monitor and moderate all user generated content with Crisp's 24/7 photo and video moderation solution

Invite users to share their own images or video content without worrying about lowlifes who upload violence, porn or worse. Crisp locks the creeps out by using an unbeatably accurate and fast combination of human analysis and powerful technology.

When you invite users to share videos and images you need to make sure all the good stuff stays, but none of the bad stuff slips through. That's where we come in, because puppies and music are great, but porn and violence are most certainly not. Crisp's risk analysis is designed to scrape and examine every uploaded byte, making sure it meets your rigorous brand standards.

Whether you need photo moderation, image moderation, video moderation or all three, our 24/7 service will detect and remove anything inappropriate, ensuring that every single post reflects well on the brand you have worked so hard to create.

It works like this: Crisp sweeps every channel based on criteria you designate. Once the user generated content is vetted by both our powerful technology and expert human analysis, we either eliminate the bad content or forward it to you for further action, based on your instructions.

This system ensures that our moderation is not only unfailingly thorough, it's also fast and accurate, delivering the lowest false-positive rate in the industry. Best of all, it comes at an affordable, scalable price point. With Crisp your users and advertisers will get the safe and satisfying online experience you intend, which means they will keep coming back for more.

Use it for

  • Moderate content uploaded by users for marketing and promotional campaigns on social channels
  • Moderate user generated content uploaded to in-product features
  • Moderate discussion on shared platforms and apps
  • 24/7 photo moderation
  • 24/7 video moderation including live-streaming
  • 24/7 image and video moderation on any social channel
  • Online dating profile moderation

Protecting Social Platforms

Crisp helps social platforms deliver complete trust and safety by protecting them from illegal and offensive content, graphic images, exploitation and abusive behavior.

Keep your platform safe