Ambassador and Influencer Monitoring

Crisp monitors social media for damaging content relating to your brand ambassadors and influencers, so your brand can enjoy complete online brand safety

Take the risk out of what‘s being said by influencers online

Brand ambassadors, sponsored athletes or influencers can dramatically affect your brand’s reputation in minutes by posting a trending video, a hateful comment or being implicated in a scandal.

Often internal teams cannot provide the round-the-clock cover that is needed to accurately monitor their influencers’ social pages and catch a risk before it spirals out of control.

Crisp finds out if celebrities or other brand ambassadors are mentioning your brand online and can quickly identify negative comments from influencers on social media.

Trust Crisp to protect your brand online

Key influencers and brand ambassadors are important to help to boost your brand’s reputation. Unfortunately, they can sometimes have the opposite effect and can cause serious risks to your brand. Over the last decade, Crisp has created a combination of custom-built technology and a global team of highly trained human Risk Analysts to offer you complete protection from online risk. Here’s how we do it:

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Crisp monitors your brand ambassadors’ pages and the wider social web for negative mentions about them, 24/7

Fast alerts

Fast alerts

Identifies 100% of risky mentions and alerts stakeholders to potentially damaging threats within 15 minutes

Time to be proactive

Time to be proactive

Early warning removes the risk of mentions you cannot control by giving your brand the opportunity to manage the situation

Ambassador and Influencer Monitoring is part of our 'Cover' service which also includes PR and Reputation Monitoring

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Let Crisp keep an eye on your influencers and your online brand safety