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The risk in doing the right thing

How to lead with purpose during an era of social disruption.

What's inside:

The concept is simple: stand up for what you believe in, stick to your brand values, act in good conscience, and do the right thing for your brand and your consumers.

But, doing the right thing can pose strategic risks for businesses.

One misstep or support for an issue that doesn’t align with some customers’ values and brands are forced to act quickly to calm outrage and address a potentially massive fallout across social media. Having a solution that discovers, infiltrates, and observes the volume of these conversations is crucial to putting out that flame before it becomes a fire.

In a 24/7/365 social media world where information, true or not, reaches people at scale, even the most sophisticated brands struggle.

Key takeaways

  • What the escalating threat of digital chatter looks like, what consumers expect you to do about it, and how it affects your brand;
  • How fake news, conspiracy claims, brand issues, social justice movements, and more can be discovered before they create a crisis;
  • How to monitor what is being said, and evaluate conversations, not on the basis of whether it’s factual, but whether it will spread; and
  • How to identify issues when the spark turns into a flame, not when the flame turns into a fire.
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Standing up for organizational values and leading with purpose has proven to be a successful formula for brands, but it also requires them to have a plan to address the risks that come with it.

Early-warning risk intelligence allows you to identify, uncover, and reduce that risk before it derails your communications efforts or damages brand reputation. It gives you the opportunity to respond or moderate and ban quickly to mitigate the damage and defuse the issue. Most importantly it allows brands to preserve and strengthen trust among consumers who demand action.

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