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Adverse event reporting in a digital age

A practical guide to online monitoring for pharma professionals.

Why compliance matters

Being an active online brand can increase the risk of someone posting an adverse event.

It is essential that pharma brands are monitoring and reporting adverse events compliantly. If someone posts about an adverse event on a social media page, website, forum or platform that is owned, or being monitored, by a pharma company, then the onus is on that pharma company to ensure that these issues are managed and reported correctly.

Pharma companies need to ensure that an adverse event is reported to the regulatory authority within the agreed amount of time from day zero - the day a pharma company or its agents become aware of the adverse event.

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How Crisp can help

Pharma social media activity is rising as brands interact more online with consumers who actively engage in conversations about treatments that impact their health and wellbeing. Pharmaceutical companies, their brand teams, and their agency partners trust Crisp’s Pharmaceutical Social Compliance solution to keep their social media channels safe and compliant, with zero misses of potential adverse events, guaranteed.

With Crisp, you’re always first to know and always first to act.