Consumer Survey: Brands at Risk

How a recent surge in harmful digital chatter on social media is putting brands at risk

What's inside

To help brands understand what is expected of them in today’s politically - and socially- charged world, we surveyed more than 1,000 consumers to ask them about harmful content and negative comments. We asked them how prevalent the harmful content is in their everyday lives, and how it affects their purchasing behavior if it’s on a brand’s social media ads.

What we found provides critical insight into a spike in harmful content and how it is putting brands at risk. It addresses consumer expectations of brands related to that harmful content, and its effect on their purchasing behavior.

Most importantly, it helps guide brands so they can effectively engage in this volatile landscape to not only survive, but to thrive.

Top negative comments frequently shared about a company or brand on social media

Key findings

68% of respondents had seen a significant rise in frequency of negative commentary on brand-owned social pages.

60% of consumers say inappropriate or harmful comments on owned social media pages reflect on the values of that company or brand and its leadership.

51% of those consumers believe they have seen an increase in derogatory, offensive or hurtful comments on social media ads.

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It’s a brave new world out there. One where you have to figure out the new rules of engagement, understand how to address harmful content, and how to moderate negative comments—all while promoting free speech, the organization’s values, and your products and services.

Get the early-warning advantage on damaging digital chatter to identify incidents and act on them quickly. Consumers demand it. Your business might just depend on it.