Communications leaders risk survey

Risk Intelligence in a World of Accelerating Change

Discover how communications leaders worldwide are identifying and mitigating corporate risks while steering brand purpose through continued uncertainty.

Key findings

Communications leaders have found themselves thrust into the vital role of front line brand defender, adopting new ways to share information internally and externally, and shepherding their organizations' purposes safely through this new era of accelerating change. Of the communications leaders surveyed:

88% say they are taking on greater responsibility for identifying and mitigating risks.

86% expect societal issues to rise and have a greater impact on risks to their organizations.

77% expect to encounter greater uncertainty and expect risks to be more unpredictable.

What's inside

  • Learn how communicators are becoming critical risk mitigators and resilience builders.
  • Discover which risks they say will most likely occur with the greatest impact this year.
  • Understand the new intelligence capabilities needed to become a risk ready enterprise.

In a world of accelerating change, digital chatter has become a vital source of risk intelligence.

The speed of social media commentary has dramatically reduced the time available to assess an issue—let alone determine if the commentary warrants immediate action. The early signals found in digital chatter can deliver additional days, if not weeks, of valuable time to mitigate a risk or better prepare to minimize the damage when it becomes a reality.

94% say digital chatter has meant there is a shorter window of time to react or respond to risks.

88% say digital chatter is essential for identifying or mitigating risks before they become a crisis.

How we can help

Communications leaders are beginning to recognize the vital role digital chatter can play in delivering real-time risk intelligence and the importance of understanding the groups and individuals behind them. Crisp and Kroll are the most trusted experts in risk intelligence. Together they deliver an early-warning risk advantage and the investigatory expertise needed to act upon it.

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