Webinar: Risk and Resilience in a World of Accelerating Change

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Communications leaders have found themselves thrust into a vital role of mitigating risks and building resiliency as a world of change accelerates around them and their companies. The Communications Leaders Risk Survey, conducted in partnership with Kroll, asked 100 leading communicators what they see on the risk horizon and how they’re adapting to it.

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What you’ll learn

Brand purpose has emerged as a key driver of corporate reputation, increasingly tied to business performance. But in today’s unpredictable risk landscape a brand’s actions (or inactions) can spark an issue that originates from, or is accelerated by, digital chatter. With more audiences exploiting social media platforms to advance their own agendas, today’s communications leaders need an early-warning risk advantage.

88% say they are taking on greater responsibility for identifying and mitigating risks.

86% expect societal issues to rise and have a greater impact on risks to their organizations.

77% expect to encounter greater uncertainty and expect risks to be more unpredictable.


Our discussion will cover:

  • Prioritizing the risk landscape
  • Putting brand purpose to the test
  • Mitigating risk and building resilience
  • Reacting and responding to risks online
  • Digital chatter as a source of risk intelligence
  • Creating a risk intelligence capability

Your speakers:

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

President, Crisp

Benedict Hamilton

Benedict Hamilton

Managing Director, Kroll

About us

Communications leaders are beginning to recognize the vital role digital chatter can play in delivering real-time risk intelligence and the importance of understanding the groups and individuals behind it. Crisp and Kroll are the most trusted experts in risk intelligence. Together they deliver an early-warning risk advantage and the investigatory expertise needed to act upon it.