Corporate Leaders Risk Survey

Learn why today’s corporate leaders believe societal issues, stakeholder capitalism, and social media are transforming today’s risk landscape.

What keeps CEOs up at night?

Crisp surveyed more than 100 in-house corporate leaders. The majority were CEOs representing companies with annual revenues in excess of $1B USD. Here’s what they told us:

82% say societal concerns can no longer be ignored and doing so can have material, if not financial, consequences.

79% say there will be more risks associated with societal issues, such as social justice.

70% say their company’s values as a brand and employer will be tested by societal risks.

Key findings

  • Ignoring societal issues has financial consequences.
  • Employee and consumer expectations exceed those of shareholders.
  • CEOs wrestle with the risks actors and groups pose via social media.
  • Digital chatter shortens the window of time to react to risks.
  • Urgency grows for new risk intelligence solutions.

It’s time for an actor‑centric approach to risk intelligence:

Corporate leaders now recognize that actors and groups are exploiting social media to spread disinformation, commit fraud, incite unrest, damage reputations, and target individuals with the intent to do harm. Their digital chatter has shortened the window of time available for companies to react or respond to the risks these groups originate and amplify online.

82% of CEOs say digital chatter means there is a shorter window of time to react or respond to risks.

80% of corporate leaders say social media attacks will rise in the next 12 months.

77% agree more companies will be targeted by organized groups online intent on damaging their brand within the next 12 months.

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