Adverse events survey

Raising the standards of pharma social compliance

How today's pharma compliance leaders view the rise of social media and its risk to adverse event detection.

Key findings

  • Social media activity in pharma is expected to rise
  • Pharma brands employ a variety of social compliance solutions
  • Adverse events are slipping through the cracks
  • AE detection is being regulated to junior-level team members
  • Inconsistencies and irregularities plague social compliance efforts
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About Crisp

Crisp partners with pharmacovigilance and drug safety teams to keep their social media presence safe and compliant, detecting potential adverse events on brand-sponsored social media pages, advertisements, and social listening platforms.

By combining human intelligence with expert workflows, we deliver drug-specific, continually-tuned, 24/7 compliance with zero misses on potential adverse events, assuring peace of mind for pharmacovigilance leaders, and giving marketers and their agency partners the confidence to engage consumers online.