Pharma edition

Communications Leaders Risk Survey

Digital chatter has accelerated the risk landscape for pharma brands. Our latest survey reveals which risks pharma communications leaders are most concerned about, and how the risk signals embedded within digital chatter can protect their brands from reputational damage.

What we heard

Crisp surveyed more than 100 in-house communications leaders to reveal the risk areas where pharma professionals outpace or lag their cross‑industry peers in readiness for a crisis. Of the pharma communications professionals surveyed:

82% say they are taking on more responsiblity for identifying risks.

76% say they expect to face three or more crises this year.

64% expect to face a crisis ignited by misinformation.

Key findings

  • Pharma communicators expect to encounter more crises than their peers
  • Societal risks are top of mind for nearly all pharma communicators
  • Pharma communicators are preparing for a rise in misinformation
  • Digital chatter has shortened response times for pharma communications teams
  • New risk intelligence solutions are critical for building resilience in pharma

Digital chatter is an essential source of risk intelligence for protecting pharma brands

The speed and scale of digital chatter has dramatically reduced the time available to assess an issue—let alone determine if the social media commentary warrants immediate action. The risk signals embedded within digital chatter can deliver additional days, if not weeks, of valuable time to mitigate the issue or better prepare to minimize the damage when it becomes a reality.

82% say digital chatter has meant there is a shorter window of time to react or respond to risks.

80% say the escalation of incidents within minutes is the most useful intelligence needed to identify and mitigate risks going forward.

Fast, actionable risk intelligence

Crisp Real-time Risk Intelligence protects pharma brands by delivering real-time alerts on reputation risks that emerge via social media, the deep and dark web, and reporting on the key actor groups who represent a risk to brands before they escalate into a crisis.

Crisp is different because our risk-trained AI technology calculates the likelihood of each risk, which our Human Intelligence teams then use to predict its future severity. That way, your communications team can take preventative action before it becomes a crisis.

Today Crisp defends over $6.5 trillion in combined market capitalization for over 1,000 brands. We can protect yours too.

A Forrester Consulting study revealed that Crisp customers reduced the impact of a crisis by 40 percent, prevented one‑in‑three crises per year entirely and achieved a 572% ROI.

  • Reduced the impact of a crisis by 40%
  • Prevented one‑in‑three per year
  • Delivered an average ROI of 572%