Industry playbook

Tackling harmful content on social media: How to mitigate online risk

The rise of harmful content on brand-owned social media channels is creating new pressures on already under-resourced social media teams. This industry playbook provides critical insight into the reputational challenges of social media and how social media teams can effectively navigate and mitigate these crises.

What's inside

  • Key steps on how a business can mitigate harm before they become a crisis
  • Critical insights to reduce the vulnerability of brand pages
  • Tips for building resilient response strategies on social media
Preview of the industry playbook

Key findings

Reduce harm

Companies can minimize the likelihood of problems evolving into full-blown crises by planning for and promptly addressing potential risks.

Identify actors

Social media crises can have diverse consequences, including the spread of misinformation and exploitation of brands by activist groups.

Address risks

Monitoring content enables companies to identify harm and take steps to prevent a small risk from escalating into a major crisis.