The total economic impact™ of Crisp real‑time risk intelligence

A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Crisp

In the face of rising risks, most major B2C companies face multiple brand crises per year that can lead to significant recovery costs, lost sales, disrupted operations, security risks, and erosion of hard-earned brand reputation.

Many of those same companies struggle to identify and act on the myriad of known and unknown risks. Actors and groups originate and amplify these risks through their digital chatter, often turning sparks into the blaze of a crisis.

This Forrester Consulting TEI study, commissioned by Crisp, revealed a three-year risk-adjusted ROI of 572% for four clients in four different sectors, and an NPV of $7.2 million for a composite organization.

Additionally, Forrester found that Crisp alerts customers to critical risks—and the actors behind them—within 30 minutes, provides intelligence to cut through the noise, and enables customers to prevent and lessen the impact of brand crises.

Crisp improved efficiency, reduced costs, and helped to prevent and mitigate brand crises.

Reduced crisis impact by 40%
Prevented one crisis per year
Retained $8.2M+ in revenue per avoided crisis
Saved $660K+ in recovery costs per avoided crisis
Recaptured 58,500 hours per year

What's inside

  • Rising brand risks and scrutiny
  • Evaluating the cost of a crisis
  • Awareness of risks is growing
  • Crisp customer journeys
  • Crisp benefits overview
  • Analysis of Crisp costs

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