Webinar: Your brand is at risk and everyone is watching

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Approx 1hr

Watch our on-demand webinar discussing the new Forrester Consulting TEI study commissioned by Crisp. Presented by Forrester Analysts and hosted by Crisp, the presentation explores the current risk landscape and how Crisp customers have benefited from adopting its actor-based risk intelligence solution.

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What you’ll learn

In today’s expanding risk landscape, B2C brands face multiple costly crises per year. As companies struggle to identify and act on the myriad of known and unknown risks generating these crises, new risk intelligence capabilities have emerged to help mitigate risks, build resilience and prevent crises.

Who is fueling the acceleration of today’s risk landscape
Why companies often struggle to identify and react to risks
How actors intentionally and unintentionally amplify risks online
The preventable factors contributing to the cost of a brand crisis
How Crisp delivers an early-warning risk advantage for its customers


Our discussion covers:

  • Today’s B2C risk landscape
  • When actors exploit risks
  • Which content accelerates risks
  • The growing cost of a brand crisis
  • Why actor-based risk intelligence
  • The total economic impact of Crisp

Your speakers:

Vikram Sharma

Vikram Sharma

President, Crisp

Brian Kime

Brian Kime

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown

Sr TEI Consultant, Forrester