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Vaccine Makers Brace for a Tsunami of False Information

The recent announcement of emergency use authorization of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has provoked a new surge in false information from instigators online, which has put all pharmaceutical brands on high alert.

This deceptive information could lead to fictitious reports of adverse events, which would not only threaten patient adoption of a COVID-19 vaccine, it could also overwhelm compliance teams charged with monitoring vaccine safety.

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What's inside

  • How instigators are now shifting their sights to pharma brands
  • Motivations and agendas behind disrupting pharma brand communications
  • False narratives currently being perpetuated by nefarious groups and individuals
  • Compliance concerns regarding false adverse event reporting and recordkeeping
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About Crisp

Crisp offers 24/7/365 early-warning risk intelligence for today’s leading pharma brands, global enterprises, and social media platforms. Our unique solution helps pharmaceutical companies remain compliant, while also protecting them from financial and reputational harm.

Our real-time Digital Reputation Graph discovers, tracks, rapidly alerts, and removes harmful content to effectively manage the torrent of mis/disinformation from online instigators. Our global, enterprise-grade solution also detects adverse events on the channels we’re asked to monitor by pharma brands, including owned social media, wider web, and sponsored advertorial, seamlessly integrating adverse event detection with existing pharmacovigilance reporting.