Anti Ad Ad Club Tells TikTok’ers To “Kill Brands, Get Paid”

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Anti Ad Ad Club Tells TikTok’ers To “Kill Brands, Get Paid”

New York-based art collective, MSCHF, is behind a series of viral products, initiatives, and artworks, known as “drops,” which range from strangely absurd products such as athletic shoes with holy water to a YouTube channel that consists solely of a person eating various items. While there’s no apparent thread connecting their products, MSCHF CEO Gabriel Whaley told Business Insider earlier this year that, “We're not here to make the world a better place. We're making light of how much everything sucks."

In their attempt to take down some of the world’s largest brands, MSCHF has created the Anti Ad Ad Club (their 31st drop), to “kill brands and get paid.” It offers payouts to TikTok users who use the MSCHF “music” in their videos, which have been retooled so the lyrics call out brands. Creators who use the sounds and reach a specific view count can get paid anywhere from $10 to $20,000.

Have a Plan For When You Make the List

While the existence of instigators intent on causing harm to brands is well established, every organization should be concerned about groups leveraging these content creators to create movements against their brand.

Right now, the Anti Ad Ad Club is targeting only nine of the world’s largest organizations, but MSCHF will move on to drop 32 in a little more than a week, which means you could be next.