Arab Countries Call for Boycott of French Products, Brands

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Arab Countries Call for Boycott of French Products, Brands

Trade associations in several Arab countries are boycotting French brands and products following recent comments made by French President Emmanuel Macron. Earlier this month, in response to the murder of a Paris school worker, Macron pledged to fight “Islamist separatism,” described Islam as a religion “in crisis,” and supported “satirical outlets publishing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.”

As a result, trade association leaders and members launched a social media campaign calling for the boycott of French products from supermarkets in Arab countries and Turkey, which has since gone viral. Hashtags including #BoycottFrenchProducts in English and the Arabic #ExceptGodsMessenger were trending in countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

You Can’t Control the Spotlight, But You Can Manage It

Our recent Brands at Risk report shows that harmful content is surging, especially content focused on boycotts related to issues emerging in society—and consumers expect brands to respond quickly.

The #BoycottFrenchProducts movement is another example of consumers demanding that brands actively participate in mainstream political and societal issues whether they want to or not.

Dozens of global consumer brands have been called out through this boycott, putting their reputations at risk. While you can’t control when consumers pull your brand into the discussion, enterprise leaders can get ahead of the issue when it does happen.