Twitter rolls out Fleets globally

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Twitter rolls out Fleets globally

Users worldwide now have access to the disappearing tweet option from Twitter, called Fleets. The platform confirmed the global rollout of its Fleets functionality after tests in Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea.

Fleets “help people feel more comfortable” and create a “lower pressure way for people to talk about what’s happening with their fleeting thoughts.” The Fleets functionality has been compared to Instagram Stories, including the fact that Fleets cannot be retweeted.

Users can Fleet text, reactions to Tweets, photos or videos, as well as customize Fleets with various background and text options. Any follower who can see a user’s full profile can also view their Fleets at the top of their home timeline, as well as reply to Fleets through Direct Messages.

Though, after 24 hours, the Fleets are gone.

Good for Twitter but difficult for brands

The mission of Twitter is to “give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers.” Brands ideally work hand-in-hand with that mission to engage consumers in meaningful conversation.

But there are always risks, especially if those fleeting thoughts are harmful, appearing and disappearing among the digital chatter. In fact, our recent Brands at Risk report shows that harmful content is surging across social media, and it’s crucial for organizations to monitor the conversation around their brand, including people who engage in the discussion.

As the social media landscape evolves to help users communicate and connect, and tools such as Fleets become commonplace, identifying those instigators and managing those risks will become more complicated.

To manage those risks effectively, brands need an early-warning advantage to understand how these tools work, what consumers are looking for, and how they can deliver on those expectations.