Leeds-based Crisp named as one of UK's top 100 digital champions

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Yorkshire firm Crisp has been recognised by the influential organisation Digital Leaders as one of the top champions of digital transformation in the UK. The Digital Leaders’ community of 120,000 senior leaders in the tech sector create the DL100 league table each year to celebrate the teams and individuals who are working hard behind the scenes to secure the UK’s Digital Transformation.

The Yorkshire tech community can also get behind Crisp in a public vote to determine where they finish in a list of the top ten most influential Artificial Intelligence firms. ​This award recognises a product or service which has utilised AI positively to make an impact in its respective area. ​Crisp is the only Yorkshire firm to be included in the AI category. The DL100 Awards final placings will be announced at a reception in Leeds on 15th October.

Crisp stops toxic, harmful and fake online content from damaging enterprises, social platforms and society as a whole. Its technology has become an early warning and threat intervention system for stopping harmful content 24/7/365. As a result, Crisp contributes to the safe, daily online experiences for over two billion users (covering an estimated 400 million children) across the globe.

Crisp is the industry leader in stopping social communication from being weaponised. The Leeds-based tech firm brings more than 15 years of experience to the fight against online harms. Its global team of experts specialise in linguistics, reporting, psychology, data protection, law and regulation, to provide comprehensive weaponised social communications defence.

Adam Hildreth, CEO and co-founder of Crisp, said:

“We’re really pleased to be recognised by the Digital Leaders community of fellow professionals as one of the 100 leading tech influencers in the UK. Our aim since we started in 2005 has been to make the internet a safer place for everyone. We work with some of the biggest enterprises, brands and social platforms in the world, creating safe, daily online experiences for over two billion users”.

“We’re using AI to discover, track and reduce harmful online content which creates a better and safer internet. As a proud member of the Yorkshire tech community, it would be great to receive the backing of our peers across the region in the public vote. ”

Russell Haworth, Chair of Digital Leaders, said:

“The Digital Leaders 100 list 2020 once again highlights the progress in digitally transforming the UK. Our community of Digital Leaders have shone a light on the many hidden heroes, quietly getting on with the nation’s digital transformation. It is fabulous to see such a strong list from outside London this year reflecting our own inclusive national programme and the growing importance of digital transformation on companies irrespective of size or sector.”

To vote for Crisp, please visit http://digileaders100.com or follow #DL100 or #digileaders on Twitter.

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About Crisp

Crisp provides 24/7/365 Early-Warning Risk Intelligence as a service, guaranteed to ensure our customers are always the first to know and act.

Established in 2005 by online gaming and social media entrepreneur Adam Hildreth, Crisp began protecting children and teenagers using online games and social networks from abuse, sexual exploitation, cyberbullying, and other online harms. This relentless focus on helping to create a digital world that is safe for everyone has been Crisp’s mission from day one. Today, that passion extends to working with leading brands, global enterprises, and top social media platforms.

Trained on 15+ years of online harm detection, Crisp’s real-time knowledge graph discovers, tracks, rapidly alerts and removes harmful content. This is done by analyzing billions of instigator and influencer signals from the open, deep, dark web and closed messaging apps, going where no one else goes. The technology is used by a global team of experts specializing in signals intelligence, linguistics, big data, AI, human intelligence, psychology, data protection, and law and regulation.