Counter from Crisp

Monitoring for Counterfeit Sales, Attacks Against Company and Executives

Crisp monitors social media, the dark web and other online channels 24/7 to detect high impact digital risks and protect your brand online

Crisp detects online risks to your brand 24/7

The dark web, forums and online media channels contain high impact digital risks, such as leaked data, counterfeit sales, physical and cyber-attacks as well as threats to company executives and assets.

Brands often aren’t able to provide an internal cyber threat detection service to monitor social media and the dark web.

Counter is Crisp’s managed digital risk and cyber threat detection service, which uses state-of-the-art technology with 24/7 human risk experts to provide round-the-clock protection, without false alarms.

Crisp offers a service tailored to your needs

Brand monitoring tools and internal social media teams can help you to identify when your brand or product mentions are trending on popular social media sites. But they cannot quickly detect the unique risks which are most damaging to your business, across a wide network of online channels.

By combining our world-leading technology and our team of highly skilled Risk Analysts, we guarantee to detect these serious risks across the web and alert you to the highest priorities within 15 minutes, regardless of when or where they occur.

Monitoring every mention

Monitoring every mention

100% guaranteed risk detection across social media, forums, message boards and the dark web

Extends existing teams

Your 24/7 team

Preventing high impact risks damaging your reputation in minutes with 24/7, always-on protection

Full protection

Full protection

Complete end-to-end take down capability for trademark and counterfeit infringement

Specialist actions

Specialist actions

Highly skilled humans escalate relevant content to legal and security teams

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

Not every comment needs escalation, our trend and sentiment analysis helps accurately categorise content

Crisp protects thousands of global brands from social media risk, 'Counter' is one part of our complete online brand safety service.

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