Our actor-centric approach has redefined the way companies identify and mitigate risks

Our approach

Our Actor Intelligence Graph discovers the actors and groups who originate, amplify and observe risks. By continuously classifying their digital chatter, we predict their actions and prevent the spread and impact of their damaging behaviors. The Graph then learns from its connections to become increasingly effective at predicting complex risks.

How it works

An actor-centric approach to risk intelligence

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We first use open-source intelligence techniques to discover groups and individuals online who pose a threat to our customers. Then we map their relationships and content across the Surface, Deep and Dark web into our proprietary Actor Intelligence Graph.


Our AI and ML technologies, which have been trained over 15+ years, on trillions of pieces of digital chatter, take this unstructured data and classify it into specific entities, risk types and unknown unknowns, or never-before-seen tradecraft.


We then overlay a series of custom lenses to predict the future severity of an emerging risk. These proprietary lenses collate disparate risk signals across the Actor Intelligence Graph to find the valuable, hidden connections that indicate a risk needs immediate attention.


Crisp can also successfully prevent or mitigate the impact of an emerging issue with a suite of prevention capabilities.


Crisp’s technology learns by continually tracking the evolution of risks and training new models to ensure that the detection of risks is always efficient and effective.

Why customers choose us

Always first to know. Always first to act.

  • We provide the earliest warning possible of potential issues
  • Our unique Intelligence on individual/group motivations, tactics, narratives, tradecraft and actual content
  • Our unique Intelligence on which personas influence and consume which narratives
  • We’re able to detect all types of risk associated with digital chatter in one, complete solution
  • Our enterprise-level managed service delivers consistency across the client organization

Case studies

Crisp gives an early-warning advantage to more than 100 global customers. From brand reputation to public safety and compliance efforts. Here are some of their stories.

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