Crisp provides 100% safe spaces for young users to interact online, keeping them safe from predators, cyberbullies and toxic content

Keep your game, app or platform safe for digital kids

Create 100% safe environments for kids and teens using your game, app or chat online.

For the past decade we have been delivering kid-safe environments for global brands, protecting their users from a wide range of bad actors, including; sexual predators, groomers, cyberbullies, and terrorist recruiters.

We use world-leading child protection technology to deliver completely safe, COPPA-compliant online experiences for digital kids' platforms and schools. We do this through real-time filtering of user-generated content (chat, text, image, video), as well as real-time identification and removal of bad actors.

Crisp delivers a fully managed solution

Our proprietary, patented UGC moderation technology is augmented with an on-demand team of expert Risk Analysts, who are experts in online child protection, protecting young and vulnerable users from all sexual predators, cyberbullies and toxic content.

Dynamic real-time content filtering stops offensive, illegal and inappropriate chat, text, image and video in real-time, without imposing overly strict restrictions on good users. Bad actors are detected using real-time behavior profiling. Risky users are reviewed by child protection experts within 15 minutes, around the clock, in over 15 languages.

COPPA compliant

COPPA compliant

We help create COPPA-compliant, child-safe services with content filtering and bad actor detection

Eliminate sexual predators and abuse

Eliminate sexual predators and abusers

99.99% accurate identification of abusers and predators with a trained child protection team who can act quickly

Identify and manage self-harm

Identify and manage self-harm

Real-time identification of users who are at risk of self-harm by using expert human intervention when required

Hate speech, sexual and toxic content

Hate speech, sexual and toxic content

Real-time removal of hate speech, sexual offensive and toxic content without restricting freedom of speech

Offensive, pornographic images

Identification of offensive, pornographic images

Crisp identifies offensive, pornographic and illegal images and video with the industry’s highest accuracy

Complete Online Safety for Kids and Teens

Crisp is trusted by the world's best known online kids' entertainment brands, and has identified and blocked over 9 million potential abusers and sexual predators over the last 10 years.