A 24/7 moderation solution so airtight, it's guaranteed

Looking for social media moderation that never sleeps? Crisp is the unmatched industry leader in social risk defense, because we offer what no one else can: 24/7 coverage, a 15-minute notification guarantee and the lowest false positive rate in the industry.

Crisp's unfailing risk analysis service works across all social channels - keeping the good content you want, while still catching and eliminating every kind of risk. We do it by using powerful technology that scrapes every post, comment and byte, then helps our expert human analysts check each item to confirm if it needs further action, based on criteria you designate. Finally we notify you, remove the bad content, or both, according to your instructions. It is this superb combination of technology and human power that makes us better, stronger, faster and more accurate than anyone else.

Whether it's Facebook page moderation, YouTube or Instagram comment moderation, content moderation or customer service moderation, Crisp offers a 24/7 moderation solution that is always watching vigilantly over your channels. We catch everything from gruesome images and video to phishing schemes, adverse events, activist attacks and much more. Internal leaks, terrorism groomers, suicide dares – no matter what the threat, Crisp is always on guard, providing ironclad social risk defense, even while you sleep.

You might expect the industry-leading 24/7 moderation solution to cost more than the competition, but here's the best part: Crisp costs less. Much less, because our powerful technology means we use human power way more efficiently than any 24/7 moderation agency can. And our pricing relates to your social media volumes rather than ‘hours'. We guarantee social media compliance and provide multi-channel moderation – all at a price that will surprise and delight you. So instead of worrying about threats, you can focus on engagement and great campaigns, while we stay on the watch.

Use it for

  • Daily activity on all social channels
  • Out of hours and holiday cover
  • Unexpected peaks
  • Multi-language comments and posts
  • Facebook page moderation
  • YouTube and Instagram comment moderation
  • Customer service moderation
  • Marketing and promotional contests
  • Hacking detection and prevention
  • Social media compliance
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Spam and offensive content removal
  • Content moderation

Protecting Global Brands

Crisp keeps brands safe from illegal and offensive content, spam, scams, social PR crises, trolls, security risks, IP and trademark violations and regulatory issues.

Protect your brand