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Social Media Moderation

Crisp protects your social media pages round the clock, so your brand enjoys complete online brand safety

Why moderate social media?

Your social media pages are often the first interaction a prospect has with your business. It’s also a place for your customers to converse with you, and each other.

Implementing a 24/7, fully accurate social media moderation solution has never been more important for Brands. However, this can be a real challenge. Brands are often restricted by teams operating only during office hours, or by the cost of using agencies to moderate content out of hours or by using tools that miss key risks and still require internal resources to manage and action filtered comments.

Crisp ensures every user generated comment, image and video posted on your social media pages is appropriate for your brand.

Here’s how we help you moderate your brand’s social media channels

Whether you’re worried about profanities or inappropriate content appearing on the social media pages you manage, or you have a specific risk you need us to detect and moderate, our bespoke moderation service guarantees you:

Fast detection

Fast detection

Crisp moderates each of your brand’s social media pages all day, every day, providing guaranteed risky content detection and intervention within minutes

Nothing gets throughs

Nothing gets through

We hide or remove every comment, image and video that’s inappropriate, offensive or spam, or that contains a scam, trolling or hate speech with 99.9% accuracy

24/7, 365

24/7, 365

Protection in over 50 languages, even at night, weekends and during activity spikes

Clean from Crisp

Social Media Moderation is part of our 'Clean' service which also includes Social Ad Moderation, Discussion Forum Moderation, Social Competition Moderation and Image and Video Moderation

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