Review Content left by Vulnerable Users

Crisp reviews and escalates content left by vulnerable or distressed users contacting your brand

Reviewing content left by vulnerable users on your social media channels

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can attract troubling posts from vulnerable people who are in distress, have eating disorders or threaten self-harm or even suicide.

Internal teams, tools and agencies often aren’t able to provide the 24/7 cover needed to identify and escalate these types of posts on your brand channels.

Care is Crisp’s managed service to identify vulnerable or distressed users, reviewing content 24/7 with an option to report directly to the social media platform within 30 minutes.

Identifing content from vulnerable users on your brand’s social media channels

With over a decade of experience, you can rely on Crisp to identify and action content from vulnerable people whilst protecting your brand’s reputation. Crisp’s combination of custom-built technology and our global team of highly trained human Risk Analysts offers you complete protection from online risk, 24/7.

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Crisp monitors your brand pages for content from vulnerable users 24/7

Fast alerts

Fast alerts

Identifies content from vulnerable users and alerts your relevant stakeholders and/or the social platform

Guaranteed protection

Guaranteed protection

We detect 100% of vulnerable user content in over 50 languages, even during activity spikes

Crisp protects thousands of global brands from social media risk, 'Care' is one part of our complete online brand safety service.

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