Social Media Monitoring for Product and Service Feedback

Crisp monitors social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for product and service feedback from customers

Monitor social media for product and service feedback

Social media sites can attract all kinds of customer feedback including reports of product issues and complaints.

Internal teams, tools and agencies often aren’t able to provide the 24/7 cover needed to monitor for risks on these channels.

Collate is Crisp’s managed service to quickly capture, categorize and escalate online feedback about your product or service. Crisp identifies reviews, negative trends and complaints within minutes, 24/7, without false alarms.

Crisp offers accuracy, speed and consistency

More and more people are turning to social media to influence their purchasing decisions. Potential customers want to see positive feedback and a quick response to queries. If they don’t, they are likely to switch to one of your competitors. Crisp tracks social media product and services feedback in real-time, spotting trends in sentiment and escalating issues.

Fast detection

Fast detection

Crisp monitors social media channels all day, every day providing guaranteed detection and intervention within minutes

Nothing gets missed

Nothing gets missed

We review 100% of reviews and comments to ensure no issue or complaint goes unnoticed

24/7, 365

24/7, 365

Protection in over 50 languages, even at night, weekends and during activity spikes

Crisp protects thousands of global brands from social media risk, 'Collate' is one part of our complete online brand safety service.

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