Social Media Risk Management

Our social media moderation and risk monitoring services are so reliable and precise that hundreds of the world’s most influential brands trust Crisp to manage their complete protection on social media. We deliver unrivaled levels of safety, handling every piece of content posted to a brand’s owned social media channels, as well as mentions on the wider social web. We protect brands from a wide range of threats including scams, offensive content, graphic images, illegal activity, abusive behavior, security issues, PR crises, intellectual property violations, defamation, non-compliance and regulatory issues.

We Manage the Risks

There are many risks associated with social media. Crisp’s goal is to ensure brands are safe, whether they are exposed on their owned social media channels or the wider social web.

icon-offensive-content Offensive and Illegal Content

Offensive and Illegal Content

Inappropriate content posted on your social media channels harms your customers and your reputation. Crisp removes offensive, illegal and off-brand content across all your social media channels within minutes, 24/7.

icon-customer-scams Customer Scams

Customer Scams

Social channels are one of the biggest sources scammers will use to target your customers. Crisp eliminates the risk of your assets being used to acquire customer account details, drive users to third party sites, or promote alternate goods.

icon-pr-crisis Social PR Crises

Social PR Crises

When a celebrity tweet goes viral, your latest ad campaign starts trending, or an executive posts a negative comment, the correct PR and corporate affairs teams need to know and fast. Crisp understands the specific PR issues affecting your brand.

icon-activist-attacks Activist Attacks

Activist Attacks

Activist groups exist across various subjects, often targeting select industries. They join forces to attack social media channels, inundating a brand’s owned channels with abusive content, and organizing offline protests. Crisp manages various aspects of activism, with new issues dealt with daily.

icon-security-risks Organizational Security Risks

Organizational Security Risks

Security violations and threats to your staff, executives and online assets need dealing with before they escalate. Crisp detects and manages the danger quickly and effectively, ensuring safety and trust for your employees at all times.

icon-property-violations Intellectual Property Violations

Intellectual Property Violations

Your social media channels are at risk of being used to market counterfeit and pirated goods. Crisp keeps your brand safe from IP and trademark infringement and revenue loss; removing scams and issuing content takedowns fast.

icon-trending-issues Trending Product Issues

Trending Product Issues

Complaints posted about your products or services have the potential to reach millions, and influence customers. Crisp actively tracks and groups specific complaints, delivers a complete overview and provides instant notification of trending issues to your product teams.

icon-hr-issues HR and Employee Issues

HR and Employee Issues

Employees may accidently or deliberately leak confidential information and company-wide issues through images or videos, often resulting in a crisis. Crisp takes away the worry by providing complete coverage of your social media channels.

icon-defamation-compliance Defamation Compliance

Defamation Compliance

Libelous comments posted on your social media channels may result in your brand facing legal action; ultimately impacting on your reputation and your assets. Crisp identifies and removes defamatory content in minutes, helping you stay commercially compliant.

icon-pharmaceutical-compliance Pharmaceutical Compliance

Pharmaceutical Compliance

Pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses must comply with adverse event reporting regulations. Crisp manages all aspects of reporting, plus the entire submission process. We work alongside your internal drug safety teams, in compliance with Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

We already keep hundreds of the world’s most powerful brands safe from social media risk.

Crisp works with…

icon-luxury Five of the top ten luxury and fashion brands in the world

Five of the top ten luxury and fashion brands in the world

icon-mass-media The world’s largest media and entertainment business

The world’s largest media and entertainment business

icon-pharmaceutical The world’s largest pharmaceutical company

The world’s largest pharmaceutical company

icon-broadcaster The world’s largest broadcaster

The world’s largest broadcaster

Why Brands Choose Crisp

Global brands need to know they are protected, and that risks will not be missed.

Guaranteed Risk Detection

We are reliable – There is zero value in a service that fails to identify risks to your brand. Crisp has pioneered the social media moderation and risk monitoring industry to deliver unrivaled levels of risk detection. We constantly monitor our detection capability to maintain over 99.9% accuracy.

Fast Reaction

We act quickly – The faster you identify and manage a risk, the lower the impact. We pride ourselves on our reaction times. It takes Crisp an of average four minutes to identify and remove content that does not meet your brand guidelines, and 12 minutes to escalate a serious risk to your team. And we do this 24/7, 365 days a year!

Real Person Escalations

We direct risk to the right person – In the event of a serious risk to your brand such as a social PR crisis, a threat to security or an activist attack, Crisp’s global team of Social Media Risk Analysts will brief the relevant person in your organization within minutes, and be ready to act on your specific instructions.

No False Alarms

We verify every escalation – You will never receive a phone call at 3am or an urgent email that is not a real risk to your brand. With Crisp, you always know it is urgent. Each month we escalate over 2,000 high priority issues to PR, security and legal teams around the globe.

Global Experts

We are experts – Crisp comprises hundreds of experts in linguistics, moderation, psychology, data protection, law and regulation. We have the experience to advise and intervene quickly and decisively whenever you need it.

Sector Specialists

We are focused – Crisp understands different industries have specific risks and concerns. We employ dedicated teams for each sector we work in – from luxury, fashion and media to FMCG, finance, pharmaceutical and healthcare.

Global View

We are multilingual – Social media is global. Crisp operates in over 50 languages and employs risk professionals across the world providing advice and training on localization and cultural risks.

True Scalability

We are responsive – Crisp manages thousands of social media channels across more than one billion followers and fans. We have the scalability to react to a spike or global event within minutes.

Sensible Pricing

We offer value – Crisp’s round-the-clock protection, without the hourly rates, means we protect you at all times but only ever charge you for the risks and content we review.

How We Protect You

Crisp’s mission is to deliver complete safety for your brand by providing the fastest, most secure and reliable social media moderation and risk monitoring services available.

Social Media Moderation

Social Media Moderation

Crisp’s social media moderation service protects your owned social media channels, as well as communities and forums within your control. By keeping a vigilant eye on everything posted, commented on and shared across your channels, we ensure that any risk to your brand is minimized at all times. We only escalate issues when it is critical, allowing you to concentrate on social engagement and marketing.

Social Media Risk Monitoring

Social Media Risk Monitoring

Crisp’s social media risk monitoring service reviews content across the wider social web, including comments, images, video, audio, news, blogs, forum posts and reviews. We monitor for mentions of your brand name, products and executives in real-time, 24/7. We operate in multiple languages, tracking and monitoring complaints, PR Issues and IP violations. Our service enables you to take control, and act on risks when they occur.

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