What’s the difference between Crisp and a social media agency?

Protecting your social media channels and the reputation of your brand from social media risk requires specific expertise, training and quality. Social media management agencies may offer hourly or sporadic moderation services as an extra service, but it is highly unlikely they will meet the quality standards we recommend. Crisp concentrates solely on protecting your brand, we never advise on campaigns, marketing spend or analytics.

How does Crisp know what is offensive or a risk to my brand

To understand the exact risks your brand faces, we conduct a full social media risk profile of your organization. This happens during our detailed onboarding procedure, which an assigned account manager will carry out with you. Where customers need specific sector-related advice, our social media risk experts trained in the relevant industry area will advise on the most effective implementation. Your risk profile is regularly reviewed to ensure we always meet your requirements. Live reporting allows you to review what’s happening, as and when you need to.

Do I also need to hire human Risk Analysts with Crisp?

No, Crisp is a completely managed service. We have a team of experts around the globe who escalate and manage issues on your behalf. We actively and independently monitor the quality of our service, and constantly compare ourselves against other industry vendors and agencies. We outperform every agency and vendor we have measured ourselves against. In fact, many of our clients moved to Crisp from other social media moderation agencies.

What types of risk does Crisp protect brands from?

Crisp protects your owned social media channels from reputational issues and harmful content with our 24/7 moderation service. Our risk monitoring service also analyses the rest of the social web for mentions of your brand on review sites, forums and news channels.

The risks we protect your brand from will depend on the industry you work in, and your social media risk profile. Typical risks faced by brands include offensive, illegal and abusive content, PR crises, activist attacks, cyber security threats, intellectual property violations, trending issues, and HR and employee concerns. We also safeguard brands from defamation, regulatory and compliancy issues.

When and how will Crisp let me know if there’s an issue?

Crisp’s social media risk experts escalate urgent issues to the designated individual in your team within 30 minutes of the risk being identified, often by phone but by text or email if required. Every escalation is verified to make sure it matches your requirements, and we are not disturbing you unnecessarily. We remain on hand 24/7 to take appropriate action on the next steps you wish us to take.

How quickly will offensive or illegal content be identified and removed?

We guarantee to identify threats and issues within 15 minutes – we do this for all our customers. It takes us four minutes, on average, to identify and remove content that does not meet your brand guidelines, featured on your owned social media channels. Our average time to escalate serious issues by phone is just 12 minutes.

Which social media channels does Crisp moderate?

We integrate directly with every major social platform where our customers have accounts or where they launch social campaigns – including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Lithium, Livefyre, Disqus, WordPress, VK and Google+.

What is the difference between Crisp’s social media moderation service and your social media risk monitoring services?

Crisp’s social media moderation service protects your owned social media channels, and any communities and forums within your control. An ‘owned’ channel is one where you are able to remove the content yourself. We monitor these channels 24/7, moderating content and escalating risk according to your needs.

Crisp’s social media risk monitoring service reviews and analyzes content on the wider social web, where people mention your brand, products or executives – for example forums, blogs, review sites, and third party social media pages or groups. We can also monitor the dark web and specific sites of interest where necessary.

Which languages does Crisp moderate and monitor in?

We operate in over 50 different languages. We employ Social Media Risk Analysts across the globe to manage localization and cultural risks.

How often will Crisp check my owned social media channels?

We provide 24/7 protection. We work closely with the social media platforms and aim to receive content in less than one minute – from it being posted to your page to it reaching our moderation systems. We analyze your social media channels around-the-clock, 365 days a year.

What happens during peak periods?

We manage thousands of social channels for hundreds of brands across the globe. Our service is designed to handle huge volumes of content as well as spikes during news events or social PR crises. The types of customers we have and the quantities we work with means that spikes happen to us daily, and we have an on-demand workforce to cope. We have managed some of the biggest social spikes to have occurred ever, including Facebook Live events receiving thousands of comments per minute – and we’ve always kept within our guarantees!

Don’t Facebook, Instagram and YouTube filters provide enough protection?

If you’re only concerned with stopping obvious profanities then the basic filters on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube should suffice. However, when it comes to the wider variety of risks we protect against, filters should never be relied on otherwise the real, underlying risk might go unnoticed.

Imagine a product complaint that contains a profanity; or a threat to an executive, fashion model or celebrity, containing a banned word. With filters switched on, you may never see this content. As regards scammers and professional trolls who use hate speech these people know how to defeat just about every filter. And, filters don’t stop the most distressing and viral content. Images, videos and profile pictures posted to your pages can contain the most graphic and illegal content.

Doesn’t my social media management tool allow me to moderate content?

Most social media management tools collect comments and allow your team or agency to moderate them. We never recommend automated moderation for the same reason we don’t encourage just using Facebook, Instagram and YouTube filters – the real issue may be overlooked. If you have a team monitoring your social media channels 24/7 and analyzing every comment posted within minutes, then you should be fine. However, this team also needs to work weekends and holidays, not forgetting the festive season.

Crisp doesn’t just provide a social media management tool, we are a fully managed risk management service that makes sure you are protected 24/7. Our customers rely on us to manage the risks, leaving their social media, digital and PR teams to concentrate on positive marketing and customer engagement.

How does Crisp charge for their services?

Our contracts are structured around a scalable volume-based pricing model based on the risks and level of protection your brand needs. We protect you at all times – but we only ever charge you for the content we review. Our advanced technology and scalability allows us to deliver 24/7 protection for everyone at a sensible price.

Does Crisp provide any guarantees?

We are so confident with the quality of our work that everything is verified by a service level guarantee. We are the only vendor in the industry to monitor the accuracy and speed of the risk detection service we deliver, in real-time. We were also the first social media risk analysis service provider to introduce quality and speed guarantees.

Does Crisp provide customer and brand response services?

We believe that full customer service and brand responses are separate from social media risk protection. This type of service needs to follow the unique tone of voice of your brand or customer service agent. However, there is a risk of brand questions not being answered within a suitable amount of time, or outside normal working hours. For that reason, Crisp delivers predefined brand responses with some personalization as part of our risk management process.

Which brands does Crisp work with?

We work with some of largest and most powerful brands in the world. Our clients include five of the top ten luxury brands in the world; the world’s largest pharmaceutical company; the world’s largest multinational mass media and entertainment business, and the world’s largest broadcaster. Due to the nature of the protection we deliver we never publicly divulge the names of the specific brands we work with, or the types of risks we protect them from, however our customers are happy to provide references.

What does the setup process entail?

One of our social media risk experts will carry out a social media risk assessment with your team. We review which social media channels you use to engage customers; the languages you operate in; the risks you’re concerned with, and any other issues that are potentially harmful to your brand. We then make recommendations on the level of cover your brand requires, and the types of response we would advise for your industry.

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